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The best time to visit South Korea

South Korea has four distinct seasons. Summer from June to August are hot and humid, winter from December to February are icy cold and dry, autumn September – November and Spring, March - May are the ideal times to visit offering warm sunny days with clear blue skies ripe for sightseeing.

The weather chart shows the average daily minimum and maximum temperatures in Celsius and the average monthly precipitation.

South Korea Seasons

South Korea’s climate is typically temperate with four distinct seasons. Late March or early April signals the start of Spring when mostly sunny days can be expected throughout March and May. Summer is warm and wet and by June the average temperature is 22°C, monsoonal rains can begin around the end of June lasting through to mid September. After a typically humid summer continental winds move in bringing dry and clear weather for autumn and making the month of October the most pleasant time to visit. December to February signals the onset of winter which is cold and dry with occasional snow.

South Korea Climate | Seoul

Temp Min °C-9-7-25111621221570-7
Temp Max °C03817222729312619113
Rainfall (mm)3120387681130376267119414625

South Korea Climate | Jeju Island

Temp Min °C34610141923242015105
Temp Max °C8913182225293026211611
Rainfall (mm)6562899097181240283222806248
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