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Boseong is situated on the southern coast of the Korean peninsula. The Boseong River flows through the centre of the county and it is surrounded by mountains. It is a land of rolling hills covered in verdant green tea fields that cover the hillsides in an emerald blanket.

Boseong Green Tea is famous for its outstanding quality. The first tea plantation in the area was established by the Japanese in 1939 and the town now accounts for some 40% of Korea’s green tea production. However, the tea produced here is not just any old tea, it is one of the only teas in the world that has passed the strict deadlines set out by the Russians for their astronauts' strict diets. The most visited of the plantations is the Daehan Tea Plantation, the oldest and largest tea garden in the area, spread out over 561 hectares of hillside. With the early morning mist hanging to the hillsides, it makes for quite a romantic setting.

A short distance away is the peaceful beach village of Yulpo which offers visitors the chance to bathe in seawater and green tea. Although slightly odd smelling, this is a highly rejuvenating experience and one not to be missed.

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