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Mount Seoraksan NP Holidays

Mount Seoraksan NP Travel

Mount Seoraksan National Park is one of Korea’s most famous national parks, renowned for its breath-taking beauty. Spread across four cities and counties, the peaks of the Seoraksan Mountains pierce through the clouds whilst waters the colour of jade course their way through the valleys below. UNESCO designated the area a Biosphere Preservation District in 1982 due to the many rare species found here. The park is a year round destination though particularly popular in the autumn when the colours red and yellow coat the forests.

The highest peak of the Seoraksan mountain range is the Daecheongbong peak. Standing tall at 1,708m, the peak affords magnificent views of the mountain range and valleys and is a spectacular place to witness sunrise. The mountain range of Seoraksan is considered to be the backbone of the Korean peninsula. The primary valley of the Seoraksan is ‘The Valley of a Thousand Buddhas’, so named due to the rock formations that line its sides and resemble a line-up of Buddha statues.

As well as valleys and mountain peaks, the national park also offers a number of stunning waterfalls and enticing caves. It provides a number of picturesque trails for interested visitors and hikers and is a great place to spend a few days exploring.

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