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Sitting on the east bank of the Ayeyarwady River, Mandalay was the last royal capital of Burma before the British arrived in 1885. Today, it is a thoroughly modern city under the strong influence of Chinese commerce though the very name of Mandalay still evokes a poetic sense of nostalgia. The magnificent complex of the Mandalay Palace, surrounded by a moat with finely built walls and crowning wooden pavilions, serves as a reminder of Burma’s once great empire. Mandalay is Burma’s cultural and religious centre of Buddhism with numerous monasteries and over 700 pagodas. The stupa-filled Mandalay Hill looms over the flat cityscape affording excellent views. Maha Moni Pagoda is revered as the holiest pagoda in Mandalay where crowds of devotees visit daily to witness the early morning ritual of washing the Face of Buddha’s Image.

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