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About Tangalle

Tangalle is a small town with long sandy beaches located on Sri Lanka’s southern coast. The name of the town means ‘projected rocks’ in Sinhalese, a reference to the rocky coastline that characterises the area around town, a stark contrast to neighbouring beaches.

Tangalle is known for its tranquillity and deserted beaches, great for swimming, snorkelling and surfing - perfect for a lazy beach holiday. The small town centre straddles a freshwater lagoon where a small river flows into the sea with a fishing harbour at its mouth. Tangalle is an important fishing port with busy markets at its heart. It contains many Dutch remnants including the Old Dutch Fort which is now a prison. The town’s Rest House is the oldest rest house in Sri Lanka, built in 1774.

Tangalle is also the starting point for visits to the rock temples of Mulkirigala. The monastery dates back to the 2nd Century BC. 533 steps lead visitors up to the summit. Along the way you will find dwellings of the Buddhist priests, cave temples, courtyards and shrines.

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