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About Waikkal

Waikkal is a scenic coastal town situated on the west coast of Sri Lanka. Being just north of Negombo and Colombo and being quiet and less touristy it is the perfect location for a relaxing beach break.

Waikkal is famed for it’s pristine untouched beaches and it’s exotic flora and fauna. Waikkal is home to the famous Nypa Fruiticans, the only type of palm tree to grow along riverbanks. Birds and butterflies also live in abundance here with over 90 types of bird and over 50 types of butterfly to spot.

Watersports like snorkelling and diving are popular and readily available. You can also jump in a kayak and explore the delights of nearby river.

Waikkal is home to two large Catholic churches and five smaller ones. With the population being 99% Roman Catholic it is easy to see why.

If you find yourself here on a Sunday then it is well worth popping over to the neighbouring town of Kochikade for their Sunday market. The atmosphere is great and you’ll get to soak it all up doing something truly cultural and local.

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