Aleppo City Stay - 4 days

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Discover the delights of historical Aleppo. Wander round the ancient Citadel, see the hypnotic geometrical patterns of the Grand Mosque, and go bargain hunting in possibly the world's first and biggest shopping mall!

Day 1: Aleppo
Welcome to Syria and the start of your city stay in ancient Aleppo! Arrive Aleppo, included transfer to your hotel and overnight. Overnight - Aleppo
Inside the citadel in Aleppo, Syria you'll find the great Umayyad Mosque and a massive undercover ba
Aleppo’s strategic position means that throughout history it has been used as a meeting point and trade link. It has therefore been subject to numerous invasions over the years and the result is that many different architectural styles can still be seen today and therefore Aleppo is a UNESCO listed site.

Today we have a full day's touring of this beautiful and buzzing city. This morning we visit the National Museum, with its giant granite figures that guard the entrance. We then proceed to the magnificent Citadel which contains the beautifully designed Great Mosque (also known as the Umayyad Mosque) and the old covered bazaar.

The Great Mosque is built around a vast courtyard that connects to different areas of the mosque. The courtyard is made up of black and white stone pavement that forms complex but pleasing geometric patterns and two fountains also lay within.

The Citadel is a large medieval fortified palace in the centre of the old city that stands on a 50 metre high artificial hill, and is one of the most ancient and largest castles in the world. It contains many old and beautiful ruined buildings from the different peoples that have occupied it over the ages, including a 3500 year old temple to the Storm God from the Hittite's civilisation.

It is not certain when the Old Bazaar was built, but estimates say that it was founded in its current location in about 630BC. The market consists of over eight kilometres of maze-like stone passages and streets connecting the various markets where the ancient traders came from afar, to store and sell their goods. Different sections contain different goods where you can find anything from gold to clothes to various foods and spices. A highlight for visitors is the friendly and welcoming manner of the local people, who are keen to chat to you and will invite you in for many a cup of sweet tea! Overnight - Aleppo (B)
Aleppo City Stay - 4 days Go Guide : :Check out the go guide for details of the tour, info on visas, climate, money, what to bring and more!
The basilica of St Simeon in Aleppo, Syria
Day 3: Free day
Free day to explore Aleppo independently or perhaps take one of many optional day trips on offer. Maybe take a drive to the impressive Basilica of St Simeon, who became famous because he lived on a small platform on top of a pillar for about 40 years. The Basilica is one of the largest and most important churches in the world in late antiquity. This trip also takes you to the ruined and picturesque Al-Mushabak Church.

Or perhaps take a day trip to explore the Dead Cities a series of ancient ghost towns. It is believed there are about 600 separate sites, from single monuments to nearly whole villages complete with houses, churches, baths and even wine presses. The great mystery is why the towns were abandoned. Some of the sites have an eerie quality, as though their occupants had suddenly vanished. As part of this optional tour you also visit the ancient city of Ebla (now known as Tell Mardikh) - famous for the several thousand cuniform tablets found there, dating back to about 2250BC.

If you want to relax why not take a wander around Aleppo, get some souvenirs (a classic is Aleppo's famous Olive Soap) or enjoy coffee and a nargile (water pipe) and watch the world go by. With so many wonderful ancient sites to visit perhaps consider extending your stay! Overnight - Aleppo (B)
Day 4: Aleppo
Hotel check out and included onward transfer to airport. (B)
Tour Details
  • Starts in: Aleppo / Ends in: Aleppo
  • Departs: Any day of the year
  • No local payment required
  • Breakfast:3, Lunch: 0, Dinner: 0
  • Hotel Rating: 4 or 5 star (Specific to your chosen itinerary)
  • Tour Guide: Yes for guided sightseeing
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