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Beirut the former 'Paris of the Middle East' has overcome its turbulent past and has undergone some dramatic urban redevelopment, to place itself firmly back on the tourist map.

Located along a picturesque stretch of Mediterranean coastline, Lebanon's vibrant capital city holds much appeal. The seafront corniche offers spectacular views of the famous Pigeon Rocks An array of al fresco cafes and restaurants serve delicious Lebanese cuisine, the city offers a lively nightlife and the colourful Souk el Barghou at Martyr's Place, is ideal for a spot of shopping.

Beirut's history goes back more than 5000 years. Excavations in the downtown area have unearthed layers of Phoenician, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Arab, Crusader and Ottoman remains. St. George Maronite Cathedral is a Maronite church dating back to the Crusades and well worth a visit. Located near Bank Street are the remains of Roman baths. These were discovered in 1968 and restorations were done in 1997. In ancient times, the Roman baths were used by the surrounding community. Downtown is the site of the impressive Mohammed al-Amin Mosque, which looks like a relative of Istanbul's Blue Mosque.

Take time out to visit one of the many museums in Beirut, which display cultural and historical artefacts, art and scuplture. The National Museum provides a fascinating insight into the country's history.

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