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Bosra was first mentioned in the Hieroglyphics of Thutmos III and Akhnatoun in the 14th century BC, and 1000 years later was the capital of the Nabatean kingdom under the name of Bousra. Later in the Hellenistic era it bore the name of Boustra. Bosra grew the most under the Romans and was later attacked by Zenobia in 268 AD, however she only occupied it for a while and did not leave her mark.

Bosra is has a magnificent Roman amphitheatre, which was later converted into a fortress by the Ayyubids. The original theatre seated 15 000 and had a large area in front of the stage, possibly for gladiator fights. Most of the fortress remains and one of the towers has been turned into a museum.

Sites to see include a monumental arch, the western gate called Bab Al Hawa, the Roman baths, the Mosque of Omar (one of the oldest surviving mosques), the Cathedral of Bosra, the Mameluke baths Hamam Manjak, a Nabatean arch and the basilica known as Church of Bahira, the Mosques of Fatima and Mabrak (Mabrak is where it is said that Muhammad's camel knelt at the spot of the Mihrab). There is also one of the largest cisterns ever built by the Romans.

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