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The Sky at Night
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The Sky at Night

Nothing quite compares to bedding down under a blanket of stars surrounded by quiet wilderness, or witnessing the colourful swathes of the Northern Lights as they bathe the night sky. From the magic of the aurora borealis to the Perseids Meteor Shower in Jordan or Geminid Meteor Shower in Morocco, the night sky offers endless possibilities.

Perhaps the most spectacular of Iceland’s incredible natural wonders is the famous Northern Lights. In winter months this phenomenon transforms the night sky into an ethereal display of multi-coloured lights. So escape the lights of the city for a day or two and venture into the darkness with your eyes skyward for a glimpse of this incredible natural event on tour with us.

Northern Lights | Iceland

Be star struck - the Perseids Meteor Shower

The Perseids Meteor Shower is a spectacular celestial light show that has amazed sky watchers for nearly 2,000 years. In August every year, the night sky is often lit up by over 60 meteors per hour, streaking across the darkness. As with all celestial events, the shower is best observed in a completely clear night sky and where better than at our desert camp in Jordan's Wadi Rum on our special Perseids Meteor Shower tour.

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