Trans-Siberian Railway - Unique Adventures

For something a little different, why not take the train part of the way and fly the rest or travel in luxury aboard the Golden Eagle Express? Our unique adventures section also features several exciting tours, that can be built into a tailor-made Trans-Siberian journey. From exploring the Gobi Desert, watching the colourful Naadam Festival or riding a Przewalski horse in Mongolia, to visiting the Pacific Ring of Fire. These are just some of the options available for your holiday of a life time!


Discover the Gobi

The Gobi desert is a treasure chest of and...
8 days from USD $3,899

Horseback Journey

Horse-riding with a difference - trekking...
9 days from USD $3,079

Yekaterinburg Baikal Journey

Take the Trans-Siberian all the way from '...
12 days from USD $3,599

Nomads & Deserts

Explore the sights of Russia's capital the...
11 days from USD $2,679

Golden Eagle & Naadam

This extraordinarily luxurious railway the...
13 days from USD $15,495

Ring of Mongolia

Kicking off in the 13th century capital of...
14 days from USD $4,959

Golden Eagle Express

The Trans-Siberian in fine style! A way &...
15 days from USD $15,495

A tailor-made Trans-Siberian Railway journey


Feel free to alter any of these holidays to suit your personal requirements, perhaps you'd prefer a higher standard of hotel, an extra few nights here and there, or to add another place of interest? That's no problem! Or if you don't find what you're looking for in this section, please contact us and our expert tailor-made team can create an itinerary bespoke to your requirements.


FROM USD $3,899
Bayanzag (Flaming Cliffs) in the Gobi Desert

Discover the Gobi - 8 days

The Gobi desert is a treasure chest of fossilised dinosaur bones and eggs. It is a land of steppe, mountains and the second biggest desert in the world. Enjoy horse-riding, camel riding, desert, sand dunes and museums on this exploration of a fascinating region.

Starts/Ends: Ulaan Baatar
FROM USD $3,079
A Mongolian man and his horses in Terelj National Park

Horseback Journey - 9 days

Horse-riding with a difference - trekking through remote steppe, along the shores of rivers and lakes, pristine countryside and meeting local families along the way - a real Mongolian experience!

Starts/Ends: Ulaan Baatar
FROM USD $3,599
The shores of Lake Baikal in Siberia

Yekaterinburg Baikal Journey - 12 days

Take the Trans-Siberian all the way through from Moscow to Irkutsk ' the Paris of Siberia' and the stunning Lake Baikal, with a stopover in Yekaterinburg, gateway to the Ural Mountains.

Starts: Moscow / Ends: Irkutsk
FROM USD $2,679
A Mongolian camel

Nomads & Deserts - 11 days

Explore the sights of Russia's capital city, then journey the Trans Mongolian route, spending time in the land of gers, nomads and deserts, before flying onward to the destination of your choice!

Starts: Moscow / Ends: Ulaan Baatar
FROM USD $15,495
The opening ceremony of the Naadam Festival in Ulaan Baatar

Golden Eagle & Naadam - 13 days

This extraordinarily luxurious railway adventure starts with the Naadam Festival and its manly games in Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia before boarding The Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express. Travelling westward to Moscow you take in some of the world's most remarkable sights en-route, from the world's deepest lake - Lake Baikal, to Irkutsk, Yekaterinburg, Kazan and more the Golden Eagle is the most lavish way to travel the Trans-Siberian.

Starts: Ulaan Baatar / Ends: Moscow
FROM USD $4,959
The rolling hills of Terelj National Park in Mongolia

Ring of Mongolia - 14 days

Kicking off in the 13th century capital of Mongolia, camp out in a ger in beautiful Terelj National Park & explore the remote Gobi desert. Complete with fossilised dinosaur remains, bizarre rock formations, sand dunes & Mongolia's first Buddhist Monastery - this trip covers it all in 14 exciting days!

Starts/Ends: Ulaan Baatar
FROM USD $15,495

Golden Eagle Express - 15 days

The Trans-Siberian in fine style! A decadent way to travel, seeing breathtaking, everchanging landscapes, on the epic journey from Moscow across Russia, Mongolia & on to Vladivostock. Making several exciting stops en route at unique ports of call, such as Yekaterinburg, the mighty Lake Baikal & Ulan Ude - all meals included, luxurious cabins & a whole lot more!

Starts: Moscow / Ends: Vladivostok
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