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Here are a few words from past travellers about their holiday experiences with us. There are plenty more - just browse to the destination you are interested in to read more traveller reviews

We really would like to recommend on the highest possible recommendation available Mr. Tuan for the Tour Leader Awards, as he was an absolutely outstanding tour guide, by far the best that I have had the pleasure to have. He is a wonderful, kind, generous person, who always conveyed his passion for the work, conveyed the wonders and love of his beautiful country, assisted us with every possible need, and really went far beyond the call of duty to ensure that we all had a wonderful tour. Everyone in our group was absolutely impressed and really loved our tour with him. A couple of examples of his great assistance were, that I am a vegetarian, and as soon as I advised him, at every restaurant where we had a set meal, he organised a vegetarian meal for me in advance, which was always delicious, and he also assisted with selecting suitable options at other restaurants. That assistance really helped to make the holiday experience really pleasant and enjoyable. My birthday also happened to fall during the tour, and he organised a small cake to be delivered to my room in the afternoon, along with arranging a bigger cake, and a bouquet of roses and flowers, and a birthday card at dinner that evening, and it really made the day so special. He always gave us excellent advice, and a great deal of relevant information, so everything went extremely smoothly throughout the tour, and we all as a result had a wonderful, relaxing time. He also has an immense wealth of knowledge about the country which he shared with us, so we all learned a great deal about the country, its history and culture, and the people. He also was such a lovely, kind, friendly and humerous person, that it was such a wonderful pleasure to be on the tour. We really are so incredibly thankful to have had such an outstanding guide, as that is such an incredibly important part of having a wonderful holiday. He is definitely a young man who is passionate about his work, loves being with and assisting people, and really treats his work as a profession, which is just wonderful. We definitely think he truly deserves to receive the Tour Leader of the Year Award!!! We can't thank him enough for such a wonderful experience.”  

Jeannine Bednar and Nkosana Giyose • Jun 2015
Vietnamese villager | Tra Que | Vietnam
Very Vietnam
10 days Day | Group Tours

This was a very good tour which gave you a very good understanding of the ancient history of Egypt and some insight into the current situation in Egypt and the lives of many Egyptians. The tour leader was simply superb and provided a compelling narrative as to the ancient sites we visited enlivened by his up to date knowledge of recent discoveries due to his parallel life as an Archaeologist.

The hotel used at Giza(Meridien) had an amazing view from the pool towards the pyramids and was a convenient base for visits to pyramids including the son et lumiere. Cruise boat used on the Nile was much better than I expected with roomy cabins, good public rooms and a wide choice of food with a la carte dinner and buffet breakfast and lunch. The hotel used in Cairo(Fairmont) was a little out of centre and was alittle disappointing although the dinner we had in the Lebanese restaurant was very good.

Highlights for me were the museum in Cairo and the nightime visit to temple in Luxor.”  

Henry Johnston • May 2015
5-star Nile Cruise Boat | Egypt
Jewel of the Nile
10 days Day | Group Tours

Good morning

Tour in Vietnam - Mr Tran Dinh Tuan was exceptional from the point of view his information provided was not only touristy but about demographics, population, pollution, agriculture, weather, export/imports, languages, education, transport etc etc. One walked away being extremely well informed about Vietnam as a country. My shared travelled experience with fellow South Africans's is ...visit Vietnam, it has so much to offer.

In Cambodia we had two guides. The first was Mr Long who took over from Tuan at the border between Vietnam and Cambodia, saw to it that we all had visas etc. then took us to our hotel and provided many recommendations for eating, walking etc. He was very very good from the point of view, he gauged the weather, which was very hot, and then inform the visitors what the plans were for the day, allowing for the visitors feedback. We did all the tourist sites. He was asked many questions which he answered truthfully and never asserted his own opinion but allowed for free thinking . HIs historical knowledge of Cambodia re the war was astounding and he would tell the facts as if he was relating a story which made for captivating listening. Mr Long's sense of humour was his best trait and certainly kept us as his visitors on our toes.

Mr Ra, the second guide in Cambodia showed us Angkor Wat. His knowledge and passion of the pagodas and temples could not be questioned but his ability to share this knowledge was very difficult. He would become very philosophical about the history regarding the temples and in most cases loose his audience, especially whilst standing in the sun!!

Mr Ra has historical knowledge but definitely not a person that can share this knowledge. Not because he does not want to, but because he has an inability to teach. A factor I regard as profound in any tour guide. They are our teachers whilst travelling with them.

Overall, the tour guides are well selected, and passionate about sharing their wealth of knowledge....showing a deep sense of pride which was over whelming. As mentioned before, this alone has left a desire within me to return.

The hotels on the tour were exceptional. Comfortable, well situated and provided all facilities. The best for me was the fact the OTG tours made sure the Vietnam/Cambodia experience covered all modes of travelling, i.e.train, plane, bus, tuk tuk, cycling, walking. Same happened with the accommodation, i.e.hotels, junk boats, train. This was an incredible experience. Entertainment was provided in the form of opera and theatre, also not compulsory but available is you chose t experience it.

All in all a wonderful tour, plenty to see and to do in 15 days. Well paced with well informed staff.

Thankyou. ”  

Sarah Wannenburg • May 2015
Angkor Wat | Siem Reap | Cambodia
Journey to Angkor Wat
15 days Day | Group Tours
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