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Here are a few words from past travellers about their holiday experiences with us. There are plenty more - just browse to the destination you are interested in to read more traveller reviews

Metin was a fantastic guide! He was not only informative and knew so much about this history of the places we were visiting but was also hilarious and fun! We loved our time on the tour and don't think it would have been the same without Metin.”  

Marissa Horton • Submitted 19 May 2016
Anzac Bonzer
11 days Day | 2017 Tours

Dispite the fact we had missed the early morning flight from Mumbai to Dehli we contact the mobile number given on our our tour voucher, Gorove reassured us that we would be meet on arrival at Dehli and would be taken our designated hotel. We were dually met by Taj who introduced to BP Yadav who was to remain our named drive through out our 8 day tour and he very patient with us and ensured that were collected fir the tours on a timely basis and took us and collected.

We were met on same by Sahil Butt who patiently explained the various hotel and meaks vouchers and the payments of of our transport from the airport to the hotel. He also suggested a very famous restaurant called the Karim's which was marvelous.. As for the hotels most of them were comfortable but the very best was the Mandava Heritage Hotel in Jaipur and close second was the hotel in Agra.

The tour guides were generally knowledgeable but the guide for Agra was the very best as he took time to explain some finer points of history and never got tired of our questions and a close second was the guide from Jaipur who apart from giving salient historic info but took some fantastic pics. ”  

Abdul Kiyani • Submitted 19 May 2016
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Taj Traveller
8 days Day | Group Tours

The tour was very good indeed and the team worked well. There were some very long drives and I wonder whether these could be broken down. It is difficult as the tour length was perfect for someone like me who works and so the 14-16 day trip works well.

The camps were all good and there was not one that I felt was poor or not very nice.

The guide was good if a little laid back. ”  

Luke Telford • Submitted 19 May 2016
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Zimbabwe to Zanzibar
16 days Day | Overland Safari Tours
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