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Here are a few words from past travellers about their holiday experiences with us. There are plenty more - just browse to the destination you are interested in to read more traveller reviews

The tour to China was amazing, our guide Stephanie provided alot of useful information, that allowed us to better understand the cultural differences of this country. I felt that we were able to experience some of the great achievments of the culture, however i felt it lacked in displaying the current social and economic statuses of the regular peoples. It was truly a great experience, and it was 100% thanks to our guide. She handled herself very well in many situations, and ensured that each one of us had their needs met, and was able to enjoy ourselves to the fullest. I would definitely recommend this tour and on the go tours to my friends!”  

Vincent Diep • Jan 2015
The Harbin Ice Festival | China
Harbin Ice Festival
11 days Day | Festival Tours

Greetings and Compliments of the Season to All,

We recently completed a Tour of northern India (Deserts Palaces Ganges) with On The Go. The Journey began in Delhi on the 29th November 2014 and lasted 13 days.

Initially I was reluctant to go on this trip for various reasons, however most thankfully, my wife (Linda) persuaded me otherwise. In fact we looking at booking our next trip for later this year. I was truly blown away by the Indian experience and people on the Tour group were awesome. It's an experience my wife and I will never forget.

Aside from being a well organised experience, our Tour Guide Samridh Dev Katoch (Sammy) was truly remarkable, and without any doubt, created and enabled this wonderful experience. His overall knowledge, calm demeanour, warmth and friendliness made this trip really special. He is truly a special asset to both his country and the Company 'On the Go Tours'.

Sam - we can't thank you enough - it was truly a pleasure meeting you - thanks again for the awesome memories. We will stay in touch.

Regards and best wishes,

Frank and Linda Ruggiero

(Cape Town - South Africa).”  

Franco Ruggiero • Jan 2015
The Ganges | Varanasi | India
Deserts Palaces Ganges
13 days Day | Group Tours

Andy was our tour guide. All the 10 people on the tour were unanimously full of praise for Andy because he had a sense of humour combined with a caring attitude. His knowledge of local culture was excellent. His interest in the tour members was fantastic. His organising skills are absolutely impeccable and there was not one single episode of confusion or delay whether it was to do with buses or eating at restaurants. I wish that on my next trip to South East Asia he'll be the tour leader but obviously that's not possible. Give him a wage rise. ”  

Robert Vella • Jan 2015
Wat Yai Chai Monkol | Ayutthaya | Thailand
Time for Thailand
10 days Day | Group Tours