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India was amazing. The tour was well organised. We stayed in good hotels. The guides were very knowledgeable and helpful. Especially Yusuf. He really left me with an excellent idea of the history of India. I will certainly recommend On The Go Tours to my friends and family. ”  

Henry Junak • Submitted 9 Jan 2016
Lake Pichola and Udaipur Palace - India Tours - On The Go Tours
Passage to India
15 days Day | Group Tours

Great trip, talented tour guide. Very knowledgeable and professional.”  

Rebecca Bryant • Submitted 9 Jan 2016
Beach times yay
Festive King Ramses
13 days Day | XMAS and New Year Tours

Olga is an excellent guide. She is kind, funny, knowledgable and organised. Olga's knowledge of art made the Hermitage extra enjoyable - she knew some really interesting facts about the pieces. I could have spent days in there with her guidance! Olga is patient and made the tour a success.

We decided to go on all the add-on tours - most of which were excellent. The ballet was rubbish however. Taking all the extra tours made it so there was no time to 'do your own thing'. We were waiting a lot in the lobby for people to arrive and that was frustrating. I felt we were always doing something so the trip was not very restful.

We got separated from our group on NYE and didn't get to spend the countdown together. As Red Square was closed I feel it would have been better for the tour to have kept us at the restaurant for another hour and then walked us to the bridge to view the fireworks. Instead we walked around outside for an hour and we got lost an ended up missing the bridge at the end. This could and should have been better organised; considering the news of red square being closed was available from the 28th of December.

All in all the tour was good. Exhausting but good.

A special thank you to Olga for helping us on the 5th when we realised our flight times and transfer were wrong. She was a real star and made the work seem effortless. It was very much appreciated. She is kind and approachable and a wonderful guide. ”  

Leesa Jordan • Submitted 8 Jan 2016
White Russian
7 days Day | XMAS and New Year Tours
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