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Here are a few words from past travellers about their holiday experiences with us. There are plenty more - just browse to the destination you are interested in to read more traveller reviews

Hi the Katarina Lines cruise was manned by Captain Ivo and his crew. They were very friendly and their service on board was just fantastic, our cabins were maintained every day . Marion the chef was the best cook every day we had a full breakfast and a 3 course lunch before we docked for the night so that we could explore the next island. I really loved that we had so much time to discover each island at our own pace, so much history and all the islands were beautiful. It was my first time on a cruise and loved that with 26 people on board we got to know everyone. We all had such fun meeting up on the islands and having dinner together and learning about each other. I will encourage my friends to go on this cruise and would go myself again. Thank you ”  

Asha Townsend • Submitted 14 Jun 2015
Mljet Island | Croatia
Adriatic Explorer
8 days Day | Sailing Holidays

An absolutely amazing tour , Turkey lived up to all expectations and the tour was first class once again . Everything ran smoothly , great mix of ages and status , just wonderful . And our tour guide Mehmet was first class , hes knowledge of the history of Turkey is flawless . And our driver Tamer got us safely all around Turkey with no problems . Just excellent once again . ”  

Dianne ODonnell • Submitted 11 Jun 2015
Cappadocia | Turkey
Turkey Unplugged
10 Days Day | Group Tours

the tour was excellent, it had a great variety of things to see and do. The range of places that we visited meant that we had a different guide in each. All guides were incredibly knowledgeable about the places and sites that we visited but could also elaborate on questions that we had about India culture, philosophy and more general day to day life in this fascinating country.

Travelling in India has to be part of the adventure given the vast size and spread of its treasures, we accepted this and found that 5 hours plus on the road or train became bearable because there was generally always something to see on route. The transport was a little questionable, the driver 'Vinod' was a treasure in himself, always available, driving long hours in terribly hot conditions, we reached 46 degrees on one occasion and not much cooler on many of the other days. His mini bus was however not good with its air conditioning, our fist 40 minutes into he journey were ok but then we had hot air pumping through the bus, not great. Having mentioned this we were advised that it would be fixed and we carried on in good faith but we didn't see any real improvement. I suspect that Vinod could not afford to have the repair carried out and couldn't afford to loose the job, we are understanding of this and managed but it took the edge off what was an amazing holiday.

The choice of hotels was interesting, on the whole all were good, I would recommend a little more context when booking as for example the hotel in Delhi whilst very good was located on the west of Delhi, meaning that it took us about 60 minutes to get to old or New Delhi, the sites and sounds made it an interesting journey but I wondered if a similar hotel could have been found closer to the sites.

The most superb hotel was the Shahpur hotel in Jaipur, it was an authentic building designed and decorated in the local style, it was stunning and added something extra special to our holiday; Similarly the Ganga Kinare was excellent also, less to do with the decor and design but more to do with its situation, on the banks of the Ganges, with its own temple and art ceremony too, it was a fantastic place which we thoroughly enjoyed

In India it is not unusual to be taken to various craft emporiums to see local art being made, we appreciated this and on occasions bought some of the products, your literature about this was very helpful but didn't stop us feeling somewhat under pressure to purchase, equally we thoug the advice on tipping, keeping healthy etc were very good and most appreciated.

When visiting some of the bigger attractions, beautiful tickets were purchased on our behalf, these were then used by the local guide to get reimbursement, nothing unusual their, however I would recommend giving consideration to finding a different way to reimburse as the tickets made lovely souvenirs and most of us wrote journals on route and would have loved to have the tickets as part of our memories (we did ask if there was any possibility to get the tickets and were told they would ask, but nothing ever materialised)

One thing we did not expect was that we were to become celebrities, well that's what it felt like. Given the time of year is not typical for travellers, we did stand out in the places that we travelled to; it was a surprise to us that everyone wanted to take our photos or hand their babies over for photos; many Indians were on holiday themselves and came from places where they may never have seen Engligh ladies (or at least white ladies), it was never a hassle and everyone was polite and immensely friendly

Seeing treasures like the Taj Mahal and Amritsars Golden Temple are amazing in their own right but we all reflected that the tour was a fantastic blend of the great places to see but equally we were both entertained and enthralled by day to day life in India, what an industrious nation the Indian people are.

We had an amazing adventure and thank 'on the go' for making the arrangements”  

Lorraine Bellamy • Submitted 11 Jun 2015
The Taj Mahal | Agra | India
Tailor Made India