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We offer a combination of 4 star and special class hotels. The emphasis is on accommodating you in well-managed hotels that factor in comfort cleanliness and a modest range of guest facilities. All hotel guest rooms offer an ensuite bathroom, air-conditioning, heating, a television and a fridge.


Special or 'S' class hotels relate to hotels with some special charm or features, often demonstrating Ottoman character. Some were built during the Ottoman Empire, others have been restored to the character of that era, still others strive for an Ottoman atmosphere. The Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism created the Special Class to describe hotels that may not meet all the technical requirements for a certain star rating, such as number of guest rooms or restaurant seats, but that had other advantages, such as character, historical interest, and/or charm.















Our hotels have also been selected to ensure that they have close proximity to local transport, restaruants, shops and attractions, making it just as easy to explore on your own as it is when you travel with the group and tour leader. Most of our hotels additionally offer a range of guest facilities such as a restaurant or somewhere to eat and sometimes additional facilities such as bars, shops, and cash machines. Some even offer a nightclub or swimming pool. In smaller towns, the choice of accommodation may be limited but based on our group tour standards, we will always book the best accommodation available for our groups.


If you are interested in viewing the particular properties used on each of our group tours, you can do so by clicking the 'Hotels' tab located just above the tour title on each tour page.


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