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Here are some reviews from our past travellers to Turkey. For more details on each tour, simply click on the tour image.

I really enjoyed my tour, although I would have loved to spend longer at almost every place we visited - I WILL be going back to Turkey some day and particularly to Gallipoli when there are no crowds or infrastructure.

Esra was AWESOME and her English was great! I would love to have her as a tour guide again.

It would have been great to have some detailed notes of the history of the places we visited. Esra's knowledge was amazing but I have not remembered everything she told us. She also gave us some handy hints along the way (e.g. about the bazaar).

One let-down was not having a final meal with the group. We left Gallipoli, drove back to Istanbul and that was it.

I would also suggest having name-tags (maybe first names only) to wear for the first few days to get to know each other and, perhaps, for everyone to introduce themselves at the first meeting.

The most disappointing part is the advertised tour length. I think it stretches the friendship for tour companies (you are not the only one that does this) to advertise the tour as 8 days when the first day is only a meeting on the first evening and the last day is only the included breakfast in the accommodation. It was really a six day tour.”  

Nicola Capon • Submitted 10 Jun 2015
Anzac Smoko
8 days Day |

I thought the tour was great, we saw a lot of the country & Murat was a very good guide who made sure we were looked after and went out of his way to help u & to make sure we enjoyed ourselves. The only problem with the tour it was that it was NOT long enough, it would have been great to spend more time in soem places so we migth have to go back again in a few years to see it again. ”  

David Rivett • Submitted 9 Jun 2015
Anzac Bonzer
11 days Day | 2017 Tours

Hello, arrived home early hours of this morning from Turkey, all I can say what fantastic place, good weather, good food and a lovely knowledgable and fun guide with a lot of patience. His name was Metin Gzdr, he handled himself very well and is a credit to the company. It is our 3rd tour with On The Go looking forward to our next trip with you. Keep up the great work we will definitely recommend Turkey and On The Go to our friends and family. AGAIN. All the best”  

Ann Renton • Submitted 8 Jun 2015
Turkey Discovered
14 Days Day | Group Tours
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