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Here are some reviews from our past travellers to Turkey. For more details on each tour, simply click on the tour image.

I have to say that you really need to experience it to believe it. On the Go was Fantastic! There was soo much to see and With the given time for travel i think that we hit a large amount of Destinations.

Tour Guide: Miten was wonderful and i can see why he is best! as a local tour guide he kept the group engaged and having fun and on schedule.

Highlights: Hot Air Balloon Ride over cappadochia

Pros: The Wifi on the On the Go Bus was AMAZING!

Great hotel Accommodation

Large amount of destinations visited

Great historical Touring

Cons: The Marina Hotel in Pamukkale was not good. I think this is the only accommodation that should be changed.

The hotel in Cappadochia was under renovation for the Spa and it could not be used. This was important to me and I would like On the go to Notify passengers of construction etc.

sometimes the amount of time at a viewing site was much to short. I understand rushing to be on schedule for lunches and bathroom breaks etc. but to be realiztic if 15 min is not enough for the group as a whole to see highlight sites of the trip like the skyline of cappadochia the tour guide should be sympathetic and give the extra 15-20 min time. after all we are paying for our vacation.

I suggest that on the final Day there be an option to Fly from Cappadochia to Istanbul or at least from Ankara. It is a really long Bus ride. as a young traveller i did not mind as much but I wish there was another transportation option other than 12 hour bus ride.”  

Rebecca Fenn • Nov 2014
Cape Helles Memorial | Gallipoli | Turkey
Remembrance Day
10 days Day | Group Tours

Metin was an excellent guide. He showed great enthusiasm for his country and it's history/culture and I learnt a lot from him. ”  

Amy Noble • Nov 2014
Cape Helles Memorial | Gallipoli | Turkey
Remembrance Day
10 days Day | Group Tours

I spoke to my client and they have traveled quit a lot over the years. This was the best trip by far for them. Everything was exciting the tour guide was amazing and very informative. They enjoyed every second of the trip. They will recommend ON THE GO to all their friends and family.”  

Maree Van Dyk • Nov 2014
Pergamum | Turkey
Aegean Explorer
7 Days Day | Group Tours
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