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Here are some reviews from our past travellers to Turkey. For more details on each tour, simply click on the tour image.

Excellent tour. An ideal introduction to Turkey, and our guide was fantastic at balancing the imparting of information with being personable and fun. I thought the pace was excellent, the choice of hotels surpassed my expectations, and our driver (Okan?, not sure of the spelling!) was also great.


Gregory Frain • May 2015
Gregory Frain • Turkey Discovered - 14 Days
Library of Celsus | Ephesus | Turkey
Turkey Discovered
14 Days Day | Group Tours

My husband and I were on bus "V" with Ilker Avci as our guide. Ilker was an incredibly knowledgeable guide, he was warm, friendly and caring; he spoke with great passion about his country and its history. We learned so much from him and are keen to return to Turkey to visit more of this wonderful country. I cannot commend him highly enough - a credit to himself and his profession. The tour went very smoothly and met all our expectations. The group of people on the tour were friendly and we had a lovely time in their company and were pleased that some of the group later travelled to Egypt with us. They too were very very happy with Ilker as our guide. However there was one couple who complained about everything with absolutely no reason to do so - even things that had nothing to do with the trip such as Turkey's education system!. From the very first day they were late to meet up points, if the guide said to go left they went to the right, if they were meant to be at a certain meet up point they would be 100 yds away and Ilker had to look for them - very very annoying! At one point when Ilker was explaining what would happen on the way to Gallipoli the woman verbally attacked Ilker (she did not listen properly to what he was saying nor his clarification for her benefit - most of what he said was in our information book - but still carried on about it). He handled her professionally and diplomatically. I feel sorry for the people sitting near her on the bus as they had to listen to her continual rubbish throughout the trip. I do not know their names as I didn't bother to find out - I think their surnames were Brown and Silvine (sp ?). Most people avoided them at meal times etc. Despite this small annoyance the trip was wonderful and I wish Ilker and family all the best.”  

Rhonda Engert • May 2015
Rhonda Engert • Anzac Cobber - 14 days
Anzac Day Bugler | Anzac Day | Turkey
Anzac Cobber
14 days Day | 2016 Tours more than 8 days

Accommodation was great in all locations, although Kusidasi was not quite to the same standard as the rest.

Emrah was an enthusiatic guide and his love for his country was infectious, his planning meant we would always be ontime or even slightly early which was great for a coach tour and also meant we got pictures of ruins without any other people in them!!!

We would love to come back and visit again.”  

Tracey Byrne • May 2015
Tracey Byrne • Anzac Smoko - 8 days
Anzac Cove Beach | Anzac Day | Turkey
Anzac Smoko
8 days Day | 2016 Short Tours
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