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Perhaps the jewel in Turkey’s crown, Cappadocia consists of whole troglodyte villages, subterranean churches and fortresses, all hewn from the soft, porous, eerily eroded rock of the area. The rock is believed to have been formed from volcanic eruptions millions of years ago and rocks formed in lakes and streams in the area.

The World-Heritage listed Goreme is probably the biggest attraction, with over 30 magnificently frescoed Byzantine rock churches open to the public. At Zelve is the remains of the Zelve monastery complex and the famous phallic-like eroded landscape of so-called ‘fairy chimneys’.

Sort of like entering a huge and complex chunk of Swiss cheese with holes here and holes there, these underground cities are up to 8 levels deep. The complex system of apartments, public rooms and underground interconnecting streets easily housed hundreds and hundreds of people in former times. The underground cities were largely used as hiding places by Hittites and early Christians and Goreme became a monastic centre early in the 1st century. Even today, some are still inhabited and in the area there are several underground cities

Cappadocia is also an excellent region for the purchasing of carpets and leisure pursuits such as mountain biking, hot air ballooning and hiking.

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