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Amphitheatre in Kusadasi


The earliest settle of Kusadasi dates back to the Leleges people in 3000BC and all through the ages, Kusadasi was ...

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Cesme Holidays

Cesme Travel

A popular holiday coastal town with sandy small beach coves to relax in away from the crowds. The name Cesme means "fountain" and possibly draws reference from the many Ottoman fountains scattered across the city.

Cesme Castle is the main attraction in the town. Just south of the castle is an Ottoman caravanserai, built in the early centuries of the Ottoman conquest in 1528 by order of Süleyman the Magnificent, which is now restored and transformed into a boutique hotel. The imposing 19th century Greek Orthodox church of Ayios Haralambos is used for temporary exhibitions. The back streets of the old town have a range of architecturally different houses from the different ages.

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