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Izmir is Turkey’s largest port after Istanbul and is a free zone, which was established in 1990. It is one of the oldest settlements in the Mediterranean basin, with areas believed to be dating back to the mid-Chalcolithic and Neolithic ages. Being invaded over the ages, from Roman and Byzantine to Seljuk Turks and Ottoman rule, Izmir (Smyrna as it was known in ancient times) suffered even after the Greco-Turkish war, right up to the 1970’s with an influx of people from the Anatolian inland.

Standing on Mount Yamanlar (Dagi), the tomb of Tantalus was designed with a grave room in the plan of the fountain, displaying a style called isopata, meaning the construction has a rectangle plan, covered by vaults. It is thought to be the tomb of the Basileus or Tyrant who ruled ancient Smyrna in 580-520 BC.

Izmir harbor has a stunning the Clock Tower, a beautiful marble tower that rests in the middle of the Konak district, standing 25 meters in height. It was designed by the Levantine French architect Raymond Charles Père in 1901 for the commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the ascension of Abdülhamid II. The clock workings themselves were given as a gift to the then Ottoman Empire by Kaiser Wilhelm II. The tower features four fountains which are placed around the base in a circular pattern.

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