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Amphitheatre in Kusadasi


The earliest settle of Kusadasi dates back to the Leleges people in 3000BC and all through the ages, Kusadasi was ...

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Once a sleepy, unspoiled fishing village, the seaside town of Kas sits along Turkey's southern Mediterranean coast. Set at the foot of a wall of mountains facing sparkling aquamarine waters with attractive pebbly bays and beaches, its appeal is obvious yet for many visitors the main attraction is the unhurried, relaxed pace of life, complemented by waterfront cafes and restaurants, and a good range of boutique shops. Days could be easily wiled away lounging beside the sea watching local fishermen bring in their daily catch or resting beneath the shade of orange trees in elegant tea gardens.

The ancient Lycian town of Antiphellos once stood where Kas is today but all that is left is a well-preserved ancient theatre and cliff tombs that are illuminated at night. For history buffs, Kas serves as an excellent base for day trips to the archaeological sites of Demre (Myra), home to the Church of St. Nicholas, otherwise known as Santa Claus. In Demre there are also the ruins of a 1500-year-old Roman synagogue sat atop a hill overlooking the harbour. The village of Patara is also another good day trip option with a sand-swept theatre, a triple-arched triumphal gate, a necropolis (cemetery) with Lycian tombs, a ruined basilica and a public bath, among some of the ruins on display.

The tempo may be easy-going and the sights ancient yet Kas is fast-becoming the adventure capital of the Med with a wide selection of adrenaline-fuelled activities on offer from mountain biking to paragliding, scuba diving to hiking and kayaking to white water rafting.

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