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Amphitheatre in Kusadasi


The earliest settle of Kusadasi dates back to the Leleges people in 3000BC and all through the ages, Kusadasi was ...

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Kas Holidays

Sample Itinerary - REF TURKEY 727

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Day 1: Fethiye

Welcome to Turkey! We will meet you at Dalaman airport and transfer you to Fethiye and to the hotel.

Day 2: Fethiye

Today we will take you to Oenanda and Tlos. A recently excavated city, Oenanda is where British and Turkish archaeologists discovered about 300 scribed tablets by the Lycian Epicurean Philosopher, Dioghenes. Tlos is one of the oldest residential areas of Lycia and was known as “the sports centre” of the Lycian Federation. It was the home of the mythological winged horse, Pegasus, and his hero Bellorophonte. An Acropolis, the temple type tomb of Bellorophonte, the Stadium, the Roman Bath complex and amphitheatre, are some of the structures that remain quite well preserved.

Day 3: Fethiye - Kas

We will drive you to Dodurga, where you walk (a climb of 800 foot) to Sidyma. The site is interesting not only for its ruins, but for the fact that the lovely village of Dodurga has been built among the remains, charmingly reusing pillars and other ancient pieces in the villagers' houses and other structures. Head back to Dodurga and walk along the Lycian Way through to Pydna and to the road where our vehicle will pick you up and transfer you to the hotel. Overnight - Hera Hotel.

Day 4: Kas

Today we take you to visit Xanthos, Letoon and Patara. Xanthos is the first capital city of Lycian Union. After seeing that, you’ll come to Patara. National assembly, victory tags. St.Nicholas church are located in Patara. We also visit Letoon a UNESCO World Heritage site. Overnight - Hera Hotel.

Day 5: Kas

Drive to Kilicli village and walk (30 mins) to Apollonia and then 7 km ( 2hrs 15 mins) walk down to Aperlae on Lycian Way, where boat picks up walkers and takes them to Ucagiz where coach returns you to Kas. [to walk Aperlae to Ucagiz = 10km (3h 10m)] . Overnight - Hera Hotel.

Day 6: Kas

Today we will take you to visit Myra and Arykanda. Myra is well known for its amphitheatre (the largest in Lycia) and the plethora of rock-cut tombs carved in the cliff above the theatre. Constantine made Myra the capitol of Lycia. Arykanda (or Arycanda) is a very unique Lycian city, built upon five large terraces ascending a mountain slope. It was known for having the most pleasure-loving (and debt-ridden) citizens. The city overlooks a magnificent valley and its view makes it one of the most spectacular sites in Lycia. Overnight - Hera Hotel.

Day 7: Kas - Antalya

Today it's time to see Olympos, Chimaera and Phaselis. Lycian city by the 2nd century B.C., and that the Olympians worshipped Hephaestos (Vulcan), the god of fire. No doubt this veneration sprang from reverence for the mysterious Chimeira, an eternal flame which still springs from the earth not far from the city. Phaselis is an ancient city where only surface excavation has taken place. This is why it is still among pine trees and under green vegetation. The combination of ancient remains with a forest surrounded by sea on three sides makes it a beautiful national park.

Day 8: Antalya

We will transfer you to Antalya for your departure flight.