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Marmaris is a busy resort town with beautiful beaches on one side and pine-clad mountains on the other. Once a sleepy fishing town, Marmaris changed in the 1980’s, becoming a popular resort town. Founded in the 6th century, Marmaris was an important town during the Hellenistic Age and Ottoman Empire.

Marmaris castle was rebuilt from scratch in 1522 by the Ottoman sultan Süleyman the Magnificent and since 1979, renovation work has been continuing at the castle, in order to restore it back to original condition. The castle was converted into a museum and there are seven galleries, of which the largest is being used as an exhibition hall and the courtyard is decorated with seasonal flowers. There is also a small Ottoman caravanserai built by Süleyman's mother Ayse Hafsa Sultan.

There is a lovely old quarter with cobblestones and a beautiful marina. In the old quarter, the Mugla houses are under preservation orders and there are some fine examples of the Mugla architecture. There are plenty of restaurants and bars all around the marina area. All along the nearby beaches, a variety of watersports are on offer - choose from catamaran trips, parasailing, water skiing, sailing and scuba diving.

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