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Olympos is famous for its treehouse accommodation (rooms literally built on trees) and also for the ruins when walking to ancient Olympos. The beach is a long curve, which ends at a castle ruins. Ancient "Chimera" or perpetual flame, occurs on the side of the hills at night. The natural gas seepage on the surface burns if you light with a match. It is quite something to see and there is a ruin of church at the site where the people used the same gas for cooking.

Founded in the Hellenistic period, Olympos came under Lycian, Roman, Venitian and Genoen rule and was even settled by Cilician pirates. Fortresses built in the Middle Ages and abandoned in the 15th century are fragmented ruins today but worth a visit for the beautiful setting.

Olympos has a host on activities on offer, from rock climbing and canyoning to diving or just relaxing on the beach.

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