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Amphitheatre in Kusadasi


The earliest settle of Kusadasi dates back to the Leleges people in 3000BC and all through the ages, Kusadasi was ...

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Sirince Holidays

Sirince Travel

Sirince is a beautiful town perched on hilltops in the Aegean hinterland. Not far from Ephesus, it makes a perfect day trip from the bustling coastal resort of Kusadasi.

The town was first inhabited by Ottoman Greeks in the 15th century. The story goes that the Greeks called the town Kirkinca, which the Turkish people pronounced as Cirkince, meaning ‘ugly’. Although the name did not fit the description of the town, it was hoped people would stay away and leave the inhabitants to enjoy the town in peace.

As the population increased with Turkish settlers, the name was changed to Sirince, meaning ‘pleasant’. And the town is indeed pleasant – well preserved local architecture is enclosed by vineyards, peach orchards and olive groves. The town is well known for its olive oil and wine and has even been labelled the Tuscany of Turkey. Most of the houses in Sirince were built in the 19th century and a number have been beautifully restored and opened as inns. The town also contains an old mosque and two churches.

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