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If you’ve seen the movie – ‘Troy’ based on poet Homer’s – ‘The Iliad’ you’ll be familiar with Paris – Prince of Troy, his prized Helen and Hector – Prince of Troy on the Trojan side and Agamemnon and Achilles (he of the heel) on the Archaean (Greek) side. The legend of the lost city of Troy and Homer’s poetry was bought alive by its rediscovery in 1863.

Subsequent excavations revealed 9 ancient cities, one on top of the other, dating back to 3000 BC! The oldest settlement (Troy I) was followed by 4 similar settlements with Troy VIII was of Greek origin and Troy IX built during the Roman Empire.

At the entrance to the site is a replica of the stoic Trojan wooden horse that, as the story goes, was filled with Aechaean soldiers who helped sack Troy. You can climb up the steps into the body of the horse and experience the sheer size of it from within.

The most impressive remains are the east wall and gate, with the excavation house showing a scale model of the whole site. Some of the earliest excavations lead to damage to the ruins and today, the ruins are somewhat thin on the ground. However, walk along the trail around the site and look over the plains below and its not that hard to imagine the attacking army approaching.

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Troy is near Canakkale. Listed below are some of our Holidays with Canakkale

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