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The mysterious rock formations and underground cities of Cappadocia are perhaps the jewel in Turkey’s crown. Whole troglodyte villages, subterranean churches and fortresses have been hewn from the soft porous rock, creating a complex system of apartments, public rooms and underground interconnecting streets that once easily housed hundreds of people. The underground cities were largely used as hiding places by Hittites and early Christians and even today some are still inhabited. The UNESCO Listed Goreme is probably the biggest attraction in Cappadocia with over 30 magnificently frescoes Byzantine rock churches open to the public. At Zelve the remains of a monastery complex and the famous phallic-like rock formations nicknamed ‘fairy chimneys are the main draw. As well as being a place of unique beauty, Cappadocia is also an excellent region for purchasing handmade carpets and for adventurous activities such as mountain biking and hiking. A hot air balloon ride over this magical landscape is highly recommended!

To get you started with planning your holiday to Cappadocia, we have showcased below some popular itineraries requested by our clients which we hope will inspire your visit to Turkey

Cappadocia | Turkey
Turkey Unplugged
10 Days FROM $1,599

Explore Istanbul and its bazaars and grand Mosques, wander round the battlefields of Gallipoli, see Roman ruins, the beautiful Aegean Coast, Pamukkale and the jewel in Turkey’s crown - Cappadocia, with its amazing underground cities and whimsical landscape.

Cape Helles Memorial | Gallipoli | Turkey
Remembrance Day
10 days FROM $1,999

This exciting classical tour of Turkey with great 4 - 5 star hotels, takes in the amazing sights of Ottoman Istanbul, the Roman ruins of Ephesus and Pergamum, mythical Troy and fairytale Cappadocia. Coinciding with Remembrance Day, on November 11th we make our way to the battlefields of Gallipoli to pay our respects and attend the moving Remembrance Day Commemorations.

Hagia Sofia in winter | Istanbul | Turkey
Christmas Turkey
12 days FROM $2,249

There’s no stuffing birds or entertaining aunts! Enjoy snowflakes on fairy chimneys, legendary sites at Ephesus, Troy and Aspendos, thermal springs at Pamukkale and Christmas Eve at St Nic’s!

Library of Celsus | Ephesus | Turkey
Turkey Discovered
14 Days FROM $2,299

Discover Turkish treasures on a trip that packs in Ottoman Istanbul, ancient ruins, Gallipoli and the Aegean, fine Mediterranean beaches, whirling dervishes, stunning Cappadocia and UNESCO Listed Safranbolu. This is ultimate Turkey, in two amazing weeks!

Ephesus | Anzac Day | Turkey
Anzac Bonzer
11 days FROM $1,799

ANZAC Day Gallipoli 2016. Starts: 23rd April. Commemorate the brave ANZAC's and embrace history at Gallipoli. Then check out amazing Turkey taking in Roman ruins of Ephesus, Perge and Aspendos; the stunning Mediterranean and spectacular Cappadocia.

Anzac Day Bugler | Anzac Day | Turkey
Anzac Cobber
14 days FROM $2,499

ANZAC Day Gallipoli 2016. Starts: 13th April. Enjoy the best of Turkey exploring Cappadocia with its underground cities, the Mediterranean Coast, Pamukkale, Roman Ruins and Troy. Then take your place at Gallipoli for the ANZAC Day.

Cappadocia | Turkey
Classical Turkey
10 days FROM $5,099

A 10 day tour that uncovers the highlights of Turkey. From the striking architecture of Istanbul and the natural wonders of Pamukkale and Cappadocia, to Trojan horses and whirling dervishes, Gallipoli’s poignant WW1 battlefields and the remarkable roman ruins of Ephesus and Pergamum.

Hagia Sofia | Istanbul | Turkey
Jewels of Sultans Crown
12 days FROM $6,889

From historic and majestic Istanbul to surreal Cappadocia, all the classics of Turkey are here with an added visit to Antalya, Perge and Aspendos with some of the world's most beautifully preserved amphitheatres.

Rhodes Island | Greek Islands | Greece
Diamonds of the Med
17 days FROM $8,189

See the very best of Turkey, then up anchor at Bodrum and spend 7 blissful days aboard a traditional gulet, sailing the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean and exploring the beautiful Dodecanese Greek Islands.

Australian at Anzac Cove sign | Anzac Day | Turkey
Battle of Lone Pine
11 days FROM $2,899

Pay your respects to the soldiers who gave their lives during the August Offensive at Lone Pine at the special 100th Anniversary Commemorative Service hosted on the 06 August. Retrace their footsteps by visiting important battlefields and fortified trenches, exploring poignant war museums, and strolling through hauntingly beautiful memorials. Plus take in the highlights of ancient and modern Turkey en route.

Burcu Kaya Hotel, Cappadocia
Our Category: Superior   |   Regional Category: 4 Star Hotel

The Burca Kaya building was modeled on ancient Seljuk architecture and carved into rocks. The swimming pool has views of fairy chimneys and the restaurant uses locally produced fruit and vegetables.

Kelebek Hotel, Cappadocia
Our Category: Deluxe   |   Regional Category: Deluxe Heritage

Kelebek - the Butterfly in English - has its rooms, in the fairy chimneys, in caves and some of them are traditional arched rooms. Filled with historical pieces, the Kelebek is a quirky and comfortable place to stay.

Yunak Evleri, Cappadocia
Our Category: Superior   |   Regional Category: Standard Boutique Hotel

Yunak Evleri is a combination of six cave houses with a total of 30 private cave rooms dating back to the 5th and 6th centuries and crowned with a 19th century Greek Mansion. These exceptional cave houses are renovated and decorated with care and in their own distinct style, the decor is elegant and personalized with beautiful hand-crafted furnishings and antiques.

Yusuf Yigitoglu, Cappadocia
Our Category: Standard   |   Regional Category: Standard Boutique Hotel

Fully restored in 2003, Yusuf Yigitoglu was a 19th century mansion tucked in to the caves of ancient Cappadocia. Guest rooms are cosy with comfortable furninshing and a real feel of sleeping in a cave. Complimentary wifi internet is available and there are a couple of bars on site for guests to enjoy a refreshing drink whilst taking in the unique surroundings that this stunning area has to offer. Centrally located in the town of Urgup

Accommodation on Tour

For all our tours and tailor-made holidays we provide you with a clear categorisation of all hotels we use. The REGIONAL CATEGORY indicates the local rating of each hotel in each respective country. We have also rated each hotel using OUR CATEGORY, which will be in line with generally accepted western hotel grading standards.

Basic hotels and simple accommodation is a no frills option with an adventurous authentic feel.

Standard accommodation equates to a Western 3-star standard, always featuring en-suite rooms and usually a restaurant.

Superior accommodation equates to a Western 4-star standard, featuring en-suite rooms and usually a restaurant and often a swimming pool and/or a fitness centre.

Deluxe accommodation equates to a Western 5-star standard, usually featuring spacious, en-suite rooms, a restaurant, swimming pool and fitness centre and an array of amenities, excellent service and customer care.

Lavish accommodation equates to a Western 5-star plus standard - the creme de la creme. Featuring spacious, en-suite rooms, a restaurant, swimming pool and fitness centre and an array of amenities, this accommodation is a cut above the rest. Sheer opulence!


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