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Known locally as the Cotton Castles, Pamukkale is a natural phenomena and gift of Mother Nature. Pamukkale was formed when warm, calcium rich mineral water cascaded over the cliff edge, cooling and depositing in the process. The calcium built natural shelves and pools on the cliffs, known as travertines. At the very top of the travertine pools is Pamukkale Thermal, where a pleasant dip can be enjoyed in the warm waters amongst submerged fragments of fluted marble columns. It is thought the natural pool once formed the centre of the ruined Roman spa town of Hierapolis, which was a cure centre founded around 190 BC by the Romans. Walking through the chunks of marble ruins dotted around haphazardly, the star attraction of Hierapolis has to be the partially restored Roman theatre, once capable of seating more than 12,000 spectators.

Pamukkale was unprotected as a site before its UNESCO World Heritage listing, with hotels being built on top of the site, hot water from the springs taken to fill the hotel pools and the waste water spilled over the monument itself, turning it a brownish colour. A tarmac road ramp was built into the main part of the site. UNESCO worked on restoring the site, demolishing the hotels and covering the road with artificial pools, which people today can go into. The areas that were discoloured have been left empty, so that they can be bleached by the sun and as a result many pools are empty today.

To get you started with planning your holiday to Pamukkale, we have showcased below some popular itineraries requested by our clients which we hope will inspire your visit to Turkey

Blue Mosque | Istanbul | Turkey
Aegean Explorer
7 Days FROM $1,279

Kicking off in the powerhouse of the Ottoman empire, discover exciting Istanbul, embrace Gallipoli, impressive Roman ruins, the Aegean Coast and Pamukkale's beautiful cascading mineral pools.

Cappadocia | Turkey
Turkey Unplugged
10 Days FROM $1,599

Explore Istanbul and its bazaars and grand Mosques, wander round the battlefields of Gallipoli, see Roman ruins, the beautiful Aegean Coast, Pamukkale and the jewel in Turkey’s crown - Cappadocia, with its amazing underground cities and whimsical landscape.

Girls in the trenches at Anzac Cove | Anzac Day | Turkey
Anzac in Focus
8 days FROM $1,799

ANZAC 2015. This popular tour takes you to the top spots of Turkey and down to the cove for the ANZAC Day remembrance Dawn Service and beyond to some of Turkey's greatest offerings including Ephesus, Pammukale Kusadasi and more!

Chunuk Bair |  Anzac Day | Turkey
Remembrance Day
10 days FROM $1,999

This exciting classical tour of Turkey with great 4 - 5 star hotels, takes in the amazing sights of Ottoman Istanbul, the Roman ruins of Ephesus and Pergamum, mythical Troy and fairytale Cappadocia. Coinciding with Remembrance Day, on November 11th we make our way to the battlefields of Gallipoli to pay our respects and attend the moving Remembrance Day Commemorations.

Pergamum | Turkey
Christmas Turkey
12 days FROM $2,249

There’s no stuffing birds or entertaining aunts! Enjoy snowflakes on fairy chimneys, legendary sites at Ephesus, Troy and Aspendos, thermal springs at Pamukkale and Christmas Eve at St Nic’s!

Hot air ballooning | Cappadocia | Turkey
Turkey Discovered
14 Days FROM $2,299

Discover Turkish treasures on a trip that packs in Ottoman Istanbul, ancient ruins, Gallipoli and the Aegean, fine Mediterranean beaches, whirling dervishes, stunning Cappadocia and UNESCO Listed Safranbolu. This is ultimate Turkey, in two amazing weeks!

Akdamar Island | Lake Van | Eastern Turkey | Turkey
East Meets West
18 days FROM $4,299

Explore the two sides of Turkey with an adventure from Ottoman Istanbul in the west to the hinterlands of the east. En route discover battlefields, magnificent ruins and underground cities. Enjoy beach time by the Med before travelling east to mysterious mountain shrines, Neolithic hilltop temples, beautiful lakes and the Silk Road.

Library of Celsus | Ephesus | Turkey
Magic Carpet
10 days FROM $1,069

Discover all the amazing delights Turkey has to offer on a tour that packs in exciting Istanbul, historical Gallipoli, loads of ancient ruins, the gorgeous Aegean and Mediterranean coasts as well as the unique landscapes of Cappadocia and Pamukkale!

Anzac Cove Beach | Anzac Day | Turkey
Anzac Smoko
8 days FROM $1,299

ANZAC Day Tour, Gallipoli 2016. Starts: 20th April. Kicking off in Istanbul, take a dip in Pammukale's thermal pools, explore the Roman ruins of Ephesus and Pergamum before experiencing the memorable ANZAC Dawn Service at Gallipoli.

Ephesus | Anzac Day | Turkey
Anzac Bonzer
11 days FROM $1,799

ANZAC Day Gallipoli 2016. Starts: 23rd April. Commemorate the brave ANZAC's and embrace history at Gallipoli. Then check out amazing Turkey taking in Roman ruins of Ephesus, Perge and Aspendos; the stunning Mediterranean and spectacular Cappadocia.

Library of Celsus | Ephesus | Turkey
Crystal Coast
7 days FROM $3,779

See all that is iconic to Turkey, magnificent Istanbul, extraordinary Ephesus, moving Gallipoli and dream like Pamukkale. Short, sharp and sweet, truly a Turkish Delight.

Hagia Sofia | Istanbul | Turkey
Jewels of Sultans Crown
12 days FROM $6,889

From historic and majestic Istanbul to surreal Cappadocia, all the classics of Turkey are here with an added visit to Antalya, Perge and Aspendos with some of the world's most beautifully preserved amphitheatres.

Santorini | Greek Islands | Greece
Istanbul to the Acropolis
15 days FROM $7,749

From the great capital of the Ottoman Empire to the ancient capital of Greece, discover archaeological treasures, natural wonders and the jewels of the Greek Islands; Rhodes, Santorini and Mykonos.

Traditional gulet | Turkey
Diamonds of the Med
17 days FROM $8,189

See the very best of Turkey, then up anchor at Bodrum and spend 7 blissful days aboard a traditional gulet, sailing the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean and exploring the beautiful Dodecanese Greek Islands.

Australian at Anzac Cove sign | Anzac Day | Turkey
Battle of Lone Pine
11 days FROM $2,899

Pay your respects to the soldiers who gave their lives during the August Offensive at Lone Pine at the special 100th Anniversary Commemorative Service hosted on the 06 August. Retrace their footsteps by visiting important battlefields and fortified trenches, exploring poignant war museums, and strolling through hauntingly beautiful memorials. Plus take in the highlights of ancient and modern Turkey en route.

Anzac medals | Anzac Day | Turkey
Royal Engineers
8 days FROM $2,229

ANZAC Day Tour, Gallipoli 2015. Starts: 19th April. Commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the ANZAC landings with a once in a lifetime journey through Turkey. Start in Istanbul before heading south to Pamukkale, Ephesus and Pergamum. Finish off the tour with a night at ANZAC Cove for the dawn service.

Lone soldier | Anzac Day | Turkey
Otago Mounted Rifles
8 days FROM $1,799

Family Tour - ANZAC Day, Gallipoli 2015. Starts: 19th April. Take your family on a poignant pilgrimage to ANZAC Cove to commemorate the historic 100th anniversary in 2015 and explore the wonders of Turkey including giant Trojan horses and Ottoman Palaces, white sparkling thermal pools, ancient amphitheatres and underground cisterns.

Rifleman in Anzac Cove | Anzac Day | Turkey
7th Brigade
9 days FROM $2,589

Indepth touring & hotel accomm on ANZAC Eve. ANZAC Day Tour, Gallipoli 2015. Starts: 18th April. Pay your respects to the brave soldiers of the ANZAC landings by visiting ANZAC Cove in 2015 - 100 years on and the day is still as memorable and poignant as ever.

Trenches in Anzac Cove | Anzac Day | Turkey
Wellington Battalion
11 days FROM $2,399

Starts: 23rd April 2015. Commemorate the brave ANZACs and embrace history at the 100th Anniversary at Gallipoli in 2015. Then take a journey of discovery through the ever changing landscapes of Turkey with its Roman ruins, underground cities, fairytale chimneys, striking calcium pools and beautiful Aegean coastline.

Anzac Cove Beach | Anzac Day | Turkey
Gallipoli Uncovered 2015
11 Days FROM $2,749

Explore the poignant WWI battlefields, landing sites and memorials of the Gallipoli Peninsular and enjoy a boat trip off ANZAC Cove on this indepth tour which also takes in Roman ruins, the surreal landscape of Cappadocia and exotic Istanbul.

Anzac Cove memorial | Anzac Day | Turkey
2nd Aust Light Horse
14 days FROM $3,299

Starts: Monday 13 April 2015. Discover the best of Turkey, exploring Cappadocia with its underground cities and fairy chimneys, the Mediterranean Coast, Pamukkale, Roman Ruins and Troy. Then take your place at Gallipoli to honour our brave ANZACs at the 100th Anniversary commemorations

Avenue of Sphinxes | Luxor | Egypt
Anzac & Ancient Egypt 2015
16 days FROM $3,429

ANZAC Day tour 2015, commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Gallipoli landings after visiting Turkey’s finest sites before travelling onwards to Egypt. From Istanbul, Troy, ancient Ephesus and the trenches of Gallipoli to the pyramids of Giza, felucca sailing on the Nile and tomb strewn Luxor – truly an epic adventure.

Tailormade Holidays to Pamukkale

On the Go are expert at planning holidays in Turkey — tailored to suit your individual requirements. Please have a look at some of the tailormade itineraries below that we have created for our clients which include Pamukkale.


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