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Gorilla Tracking in Uganda

Come face to face with the mountain Gorilla in Uganda

Uganda, often referred to as the 'Pearl of Africa', is a country of striking beauty and home to the deepest crater lake in all of Africa, Lake Bunyoni. Its national parks and wildlife reserves boast over 300 species of mammal and more than 1000 species of birds, though Uganda's major attraction is the approximate 600 remaining mountain gorilla. You will need a gorilla permit to do the trek to see the gorillas, which we organise for you. The permits are vital in helping finance patrols that are responsible for protecting the gorillas from poachers.

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Styles of Travel to Uganda

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Upcoming Uganda Trips

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Gorilla and Game Trek - 15 days Map 19 Mar 2016 Gorilla and Game Trek - 15 days
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Gorillas in the Mist
Trekking to see the mountain gorilla

Trekking safaris are a wonderful experience, allowing you the opportunity to have a close encounter with these gentle giants of the jungle in their natural habitat. From a base at Lake Bunyoni the trekking takes place in Uganda, Rwanda or Democratic Republic of Congo, dependent on local conditions and the availability of the gorilla permits.

Uganda Overland Safari Tours

With an excellent visitor infrastructure and slowly increasing population, Uganda is one of the best places on the planet to visit the mountain gorillas and we include Uganda on a number of our overland safari expeditions. Camp beside Lake Bunyoni and trek picturesque jungle in small groups for the chance to spend a few hours with these incredible creatures. Combine your visit to Uganda with neighbouring Kenya for the Masai Mara or consider a two month-long adventure heading as far south as Cape Town.

Image 5Active Days, Rustic Nights

Gorilla and Game Trek

15 days | FROM USD $1,799

Trek through lush jungle in search of mountain gorillas. Experience of...

Gorillas | Uganda | AfricaActive Days, Rustic Nights

Gorilla Trek and Tanzania

25 days | FROM USD $2,999

From the wilds of the Masai Mara, to gorillas in Uganda, safari in the...

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Big Five Safari Explorer

36 days | FROM USD $3,799

Adventure overdrive. Trekking for gorilla, game-spotting, kicking back...

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The Big Overlander

47 days | FROM USD $4,699

Experience the contrasts and raw appeal of this majestic continent up...

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Absolute Africa

50 days | FROM USD $5,399

From Johannesburg to Nairobi, travel through nine of Africa's most in...

Giraffe | African Safaris | AfricaActive Days, Rustic Nights

Great African Expedition

57 days | FROM USD $5,399

An epic expedition that heads south from Kenya via Uganda to Cape trek...

Uganda tour reviews

Scoring an average traveller rating of 4.5 out of 5 based on 6 recent reviews — See All Uganda Reviews

We loved our tour and all the different sights of beautiful East Africa! The Masai game drive was AMAZING! But by far the best part of the experience was meeting and having the assistance of our brilliant guide, Kevin. He was not only extremely knowledgable and organised, but very friendly, lots of fun and super helpful! Due to his expertise and demeanour, we would definitely have faith in On The Go and be likely to book again! ”  

• Submitted 7 Aug 2015

Our tour guide, Hesbon, was amazing. He always kept us updated on the itinerary and options coming up. He also had a wealth of information to share with us, which made the trip even better. I loved that he would put up notes about the schedule, as well as daily vocabulary lessons, so we could learn some Swahili as we travelled on the truck. On top of this, Hesbon was also lovely to spend time with it and showed genuine interest in us as individuals. I feel that he went above and beyond what his role requires and will be trying to tag onto a tour of his again in the future.

The tour was a perfect "taster" of East Africa, and I only wished I could have stayed longer. It was brilliant to be able to see both gorillas and the "Big 5" in one tour. Though it would be good if the tour was perhaps extended by 2 days, so to reduce the travelling days. It was quite hard spending entire days travelling, so would be better to cover the distance over a slightly longer period of time and allow more time exploring towns/cities.”  

• Submitted 16 Jun 2015

Grace was superb throughout. She gave good information about each place we visited and had lots of interesting facts about the animals and plants we saw. She was always ready with a hug if you needed one and always happy to listen should you need an ear. She was also always ready to have a laugh and a joke.

The trip ran efficiently, we always got to our destinations on time and never felt unsafe. ”  

• Submitted 6 Mar 2015

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Overland budget accommodation upgrade

If you’re interested in our adventurous Overland Safaris in Uganda but don’t fancy camping, there is the option to upgrade to budget accommodation. You will be travelling with our overland camping passengers, sharing the truck, equipment and the chores with them and enjoying your meals together as a group. Accommodation is in basic twin share rooms, with a single supplement applicable if you require your own room. Where a budget accommodation upgrade is available it has been noted on each itinerary page.

Uganda Travel Guide

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Gorilla Trekking

Close encounters with these gentle giants of the jungle

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Best Time to Visit

Information on climatic and weather conditions in Uganda


Tourist Visas

Visa requirements for Uganda and info on getting your visa

Uganda Entries in our #feelgoodtravel photo competition

Our shortlist of winners is out! Vote for your favourites.

Feelgood Competition Entry 'Overwhelmed and amazed'
When I travelled to Uganda I felt
Overwhelmed and amazed

“This photo was from trekking the mountains of Uganda in search of the endangered silverback gorilla. One of the babies came out for a wander and I to...”

by Benjamin Hargreaves
Posted on 30 Oct 2015

Feelgood Competition Entry 'In awe'
Feelgood Competition Entry 'Joyful ( and Young!)'
Feelgood Competition Entry 'Inspired, invigorated and refreshed'
Feelgood Competition Entry 'In Awe'
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