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With its soaring northern mountains, sunny southern regions and gorgeous coastline, Vietnam is filled with natural beauty. Visiting all the main highlights from Hanoi and Halong Bay to Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta, on our tours of Vietnam you'll get to enjoy delicious Vietnamese cuisine, discover tradition and history in charming rural villages, and see the dynamic new face of Asia in the hustle and bustle of Vietnam's thriving cities.

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Top Vietnam Travel Deals and Upcoming Trips

Angkor Temples | Siem Reap | Cambodia Saigon to Siem Reap - 9 days Map 30 Sep 2016
15% off
Saigon to Siem Reap - 9 days
Saigon to Siem Reap
USD $1,444
was $1,699
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Angkor Temples | Siem Reap | Cambodia Saigon to Siem Reap - 9 days Map 30 Sep 2016
15% off
Saigon to Siem Reap - 9 days
Saigon to Siem Reap
USD $1,444
was $1,699
View trip >
Vietnamese villager | Tra Que | Vietnam Very Vietnam - 10 days Map 01 Oct 2016
15% off
Very Vietnam - 10 days
Hanoi to Saigon
USD $2,209
was $2,599
View trip >
Monks in Luang Prabang | Laos | Southeast Asia Inside Indochina - 22 days Map 15 Oct 2016
15% off
Inside Indochina - 22 days
Vientiane to Siem Reap
USD $4,589
was $5,399
View trip >
Angkor Wat | Siem Reap | Cambodia Journey to Angkor Wat - 15 days Map 22 Oct 2016
15% off
Journey to Angkor Wat - 15 days
Hanoi to Siem Reap
USD $2,974
was $3,499
View trip >

Check out our newly updated city guides, packed with loads of information to help you plan your visit to Vietnam from the top attractions and excursions to our choice of recommended places to eat and shop. Whether you're looking to cruise around Halong Bay, trek with the hill tribes in Sapa, delve into the history of Saigon, explore the chaotic streets of Hanoi or wind down in picturesque Hoi An - we've got it covered.

Vietnam Group Tours

Our popular Vietnam group tours are an excellent way to explore the best of what the country has to offer, from north to south. For your comfort we use 3-4* hotels with great facilities as well as a traditional junk boat for cruising around Halong Bay. Our Vietnam tours also include an overnight sleeper train on the Reunification Express from Hanoi to Hue so you can experience train travel in Vietnam and perhaps even sample some on-board karaoke - the train attendants take it very seriously! Alternatively, you can opt for our new flight bolt on with an additional night in Hanoi and quick travel time to Hue the following morning.

A traditional longboat sails along the river in Hoi AnExciting Days, Comfortable Nights

Hanoi to Hoi An

8 days | FROM USD $1,259

Travel between two of Vietnam's most charming destinations from the of...

Saigon to Siem Reap

9 days | FROM USD $1,699

Kicking off in sizzling Saigon, take a cruise along the Mekong and the...

Very Vietnam

10 days | FROM USD $2,229

From charming Hanoi with its fading colonial architecture and to...

Exciting Days, Comfortable Nights

Full Moon Festival, Hoi An

10 days | FROM USD $2,599

Vietnam’s Full Moon Festival is as fascinating as it is beautiful. a...

Exciting Days, Comfortable Nights

Vietnam For Teens

10 days | FROM USD $2,229

FAMILY TOUR TO VIETNAM (for children aged 12 years and above): Perfect...

Cycling in Tra Que | Vietnam | Southeast AsiaExciting Days, Comfortable Nights

Cycle Vietnam

10 days | FROM USD $2,859

Uncover the highlights of Vietnam and then hop on the saddle from Hue...

Japanese Bridge | Hoi An | VietnamExciting Days, Comfortable Nights

Best of Vietnam

13 Days | FROM USD $2,935

Kicking off in Vietnam's capital, embark on a breath taking journey up...

Sapa Hills | Vietnam | Southeast AsiaExciting Days, Comfortable Nights

Sapa, Sampans & Saigon

14 Days | FROM USD $2,989

From Hanoi to Saigon, discover Vietnam’s colourful ethnic minority...

Journey to Angkor Wat

15 days | FROM USD $2,989

Discover the spectacular sights, delectable cuisine and rich history...

Buddhas in Vientiene | Laos | Southeast Asia Exciting Days, Comfortable Nights

Laos to Vietnam

17 days | FROM USD $4,299

Take an unforgettable journey through the beautiful landscapes and of...

Local cycling | Vietnam | Southeast AsiaExciting Days, Comfortable Nights

Bangkok to Saigon

20 days | FROM USD $5,739

Kicking off in bustling Bangkok, discover the highlights of Thailand a...

Inside Indochina

22 days | FROM USD $4,989

Take an exciting journey through Indochina. Discover Laos with its and...

Row boat on Halong Bay | Vietnam | Southeast AsiaExciting Days, Comfortable Nights

Bangkok to Angkor Wat

25 days | FROM USD $6,479

Join us on a journey through the incredible countries of Indochina and...

Vietnam Private Tours

If you prefer not to travel as part of a group to Vietnam, our private journeys allow you to get off the beaten track and travel at your own pace on a holiday tailored exclusively to the needs of yourself and your family or friends. Our experienced English-speaking guides will be there to guide you around each of Vietnam's key sites and our local representatives will also be on hand to give any further assistance you require.

Halong Bay | Vietnam | Southeast AsiaTailored To Suit You

Impressions of Vietnam

10 days | FROM USD $2,999

In 10 memorable days, see the best of vibrant Vietnam. Explore Old and...

Southern Vietnam | Southeast AsiaTailored To Suit You

Highlights of the South

11 days | FROM USD $2,249

From sizzling Saigon, take a cruise along the Mekong and explore the...

Rowing on the Mekong | Vietnam | Southeast AsiaTailored To Suit You

Beyond Halong & the Mekong

14 days | FROM USD $3,729

Discover the highlights and hidden gems of Vietnam. From the hustle of...

Temple in Vientiene | Laos | Southeast AsiaTailored To Suit You

Treasures of Indochina

15 days | FROM USD $4,829

Uncover this vast, spectacular region of contrasts in comfort on a all...

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Vietnam Day Tours

Only got a day to explore? Spend the morning visiting Saigon's fascinating museums or Hanoi's old quarter, browse colourful floating markets on the Mekong Delta, discover the historic Cu Chi Tunnels and don’t miss the spectacular scenery of Halong Bay and the Red River Delta.

Notre Dame Cathedral | Saigon | VietnamTailored To Suit You

Saigon: Ho Chi Minh City

1/2 day | FROM USD $109

Discover remnants of bygone eras hidden within this thriving from the...

Cu Chi Tunnels | Saigon | VietnamTailored To Suit You

Saigon: The Tunnels of Cu Chi

1/2 day | FROM USD $139

Go underground in the small town of Cu Chi in the outskirts of Saigon...

Cai Be Floating Market | Mekong Delta | VietnamTailored To Suit You

Saigon: Explore the Mekong

1 day | FROM USD $219

Browse the bustling floating market of Cai Be, cruise through the lush...

Red River Delta | Vietnam | Photo credit - Eric PesikTailored To Suit You

Hanoi: Treasures of the Red Delta

1 day | FROM USD $269

Meet local artisans and learn about the age-old traditions and behind...

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Vietnam Short Stays

Discover Vietnam's greatest cities and their nearby attractions with our range of short stays. Explore charming Hanoi and its colonial remnants, or combine with the natural beauty and incredible vistas of Halong Bay, or head south for the bustling city of Saigon, packed with history and grand architecture, with the option to extend with time spent exploring the scenic Mekong Delta and the local cottage industries. With accommodation, airport transfers, transportation and guided sightseeing included, these short stays are the perfect way to enjoy the best of what north and south Vietnam have to offer.

Ho Chi Minh's mausoleum on Ba Dinh Square in Hanoi illuminated at nightTailored To Suit You

Hanoi City Stay

3 days | FROM USD $399

Enjoy a mini adventure in Hanoi - one of Asia's most captivating Pay...

The front of the Reunification Palace in Saigon Tailored To Suit You

Saigon City Stay

3 days | FROM USD $399

See the best of Saigon with a 3 day city stay taking in historic sites...

A Vietnamese woman rowing a boat in the lily-strewn waters of the Mekong DeltaTailored To Suit You

Saigon and the Mekong

4 days | FROM USD $679

Discover the best of Saigon from its historic landmarks to its markets...

The karst islands of Halong Bay rising from the vivid green watersTailored To Suit You

Hanoi & Halong Bay

5 days | FROM USD $979

See northern Vietnam's most captivating destinations with a 5 day that...

Vietnam tour reviews

Scoring an average traveller rating of 4.79 out of 5 based on 95 recent reviews — See All Vietnam Reviews

On the Go is very lucky to have such great tour guides, Each one was easy to get one with and had super knowledge of not only what we were going to see but generally the country. Ken was super funny and made the tour fly by (in a good way) his knowledge and demeanour meant everyone was at ease and could ask questions about whatever we saw on the way. Sun was very nice and had such great knowledge of the area, he went out of his way to give us information about anything we saw as we drove along/walked along. Vankat was great & had a great time with him walking around Angkor Wat and he even showed us in the evening where the pubs were. Again he was funny easy to talk to and made it easy for us when we had to leave a day early as well.

If anything you need to keep hold of these 3 guys as they made the tour 10 times better. ”  

Joseph Miller • Submitted 7 Jul 2016

I absolutely loved my tour of Vietnam and Cambodia. I loved all the sites we visited, all the information we got, all the food, the people and the experiences. Tuan in Vietnam is an incredible guide, he really has a passion for teaching others about his country. He explained statistics, percentages, economy, agriculture, the people, the war, the cities, and the sites we went to. He was very knowledgeable and cleared cared about the people on the tour. One of the gentlemen from Australia was celebrating his 70th birthday on the tour, and Tuan said he when he saw his passport he realized this, and arranged for a cake to be delivered on the boat we had planned for the day of this birthday. So as a huge surprise to not only him and his wife, but also to the entire tour as well, the dragon boat we took had the hostess of the boat light candles as we sang to him for his birthday. The cake was delicious as well. We became friends with Tuan and he took us to special places for dinner, he gave us good recommendations, and he also took a ton of pictures of us on the tour. At the end of the tour, he even invited us to go back to his home and meet his family and his wife arranged for a home cooked meal which was delicious. Not only was the guide amazing in Vietnam, but also the things we did, I loved the ricksaw ride through Hanoi, we had a good few days in Hoi An, we had an excellent room and food on Haloong Bay, the Surprise Cave in the bay, the shopping, the river boat rides, the temples and the food. Even the sleeper train wasn't that great but it was a good experience (no more dead cockroaches in my bed please). I really feel like I got to know the people and the culture of Vietnam and I loved it.

Tuan stayed with us all the way to the border of Cambodia and waved us all good bye until he couldn't see us anymore even though we were with our guide for Phnom Phen. Our guide for the capital of Cambodia was so good with his knowledge of the city and the palace and the Khmer Rouge that it was incredibly touching. He had personal family experiences related to the killing fields and the school prison we went to that it made the visits more real. He even stopped to talk to a few kids on a school trip to the palace and we found out they want to be future doctors and nurses and he even took a picture of me with them, because I am a nurse. He did this as well with a few older women that were at the killing fields who managed to survive the massacre and he tried to set us up to talk with a survivor of the prison, although we didn't get to meet him. Mr. Long's sharing of his stories with us really gave us a good experience in the capital, even tho he encouraged us to eat fried insects like tarantula!.

Mr Vannak met us at the airport in Siem Riep and we immediately started our day with Angkor Thom and Angkor Wat. I loved all of the ruins of the Angkor region and Mr. Vannak knew all the little secrets. He knew where to take the best pictures, how to do it, like extra carvings that were found all over the buildings, extra stories, and explained what the monks we saw were doing. He gave so much information about each ruin, he was very knowledgeable about how they were built, when they were built, their history and how they were found. Vannak also took us to the sunrise, took a bunch of pictures at the sunrise, and of all of us doing silly things. He also gave us really great recommendations for dinner, and I think that was one of the best meals we had in Cambodia. Vannak clearly cares about his job as well, and he is very good at it. I don't have any complaints about any part of my trip to Vietnam or Cambodia, I loved the experiences, and the food, and the people and all the information I was given. The guides were excellent and helped a lot with crossing the border and stuck with us every step of the way. The only thing I wish I could have done differently, was ensure I had a visa to get into Vietnam before my flight left so I wouldn't have had to stress as much about getting to my tour, but then the tour made every bit of the stress of getting there worth it. ”  

Lauren Williams • Submitted 27 Jun 2016

My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the tour - our first organized holiday with On the Go. Accommodation, transportation, meals and itinerary were all top notch.

The best thing about our tour however was our guide Hung. His English was superb, his descriptions of scenery, politics, history and cultural highlights were informative, engaging and entertaining. He kept us safe, on time, well informed and well prepared. He is, without doubt, the best tour guide we have ever had.

Our group was friendly, caring and considerate and we bonded exceptionally well despite our diverse backgrounds and upbringings.

Despite meeting as strangers we departed as friends. Thank you, Hung. Thank you 'On the Go'”  

Jacqueline Ash • Submitted 26 Jun 2016

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Vietnam Map

Recommended places to visit in Vietnam

Vietnam has a wealth of attractions from the highlands of the north to the sprawling waterways of the south whether its bustling cities with bundles of history, gorgeous beaches fronting the South China Sea or incredible natural wonders. Here's some of our favourite.

UNESCO Listed Halong Bay

View on map
Halong Bay | Vietnam | Southeast Asia

No visit to Vietnam would be complete without a visit to picturesque Halong Bay, considered one of the natural wonders of the world and a UNESCO World Heritage listed region. A cruise on a traditional Junk boat is the perfect way to explore the many caves and hidden coves with great views of the surrounding dramatic limestone peaks.

Hanoi - Paris of the Orient

View on map

With a refreshing old world charm and it’s French colonial history very much evident, Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital, is dotted with scenic lakes and leafy boulevards The charming Old Quarter is not be missed and best explored by cyclo where you can sit back and take in all the sights and sounds, stopping off to sample the local street food or try your hand at bargaining in one of the many shops.

Hoi An

View on map
Hoi An | Vietnam | Southeast Asia

Another of Vietnam’s UNESCO listed gems, picturesque Hoi An in central Vietnam has beautifully preserved architecture, ancient cobbled streets, art stalls & street markets aplenty and fabulous restaurants. It’s also THE place to have literally anything made from suits & handbags to shoes & glasses. A top day trip is a bicycle ride to the quaint farming village of Tra Que on the outskirts of Hoi An.

Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City)

View on map
Saigon's City Hall in the early evening light

Officially known as Ho chi Minh City, Saigon is very much a city in transition with a true blend of old-meets-new; with French colonial architecture, impressive sky scrapers, traditional lively markets and boutique designer shops. You’ll also get a fascinating insight into the Vietnam War at Reunification Palace, the Revolutionary & War Remnants Museums.


View on map
Sapa Hills | Vietnam | Southeast Asia

Rapidly becoming one of northern Vietnam’s most popular destinations, Sapa is a former French hill station and home to local ethnic minority groups such as H’mong and Dzao who maintain a very traditional way of life. It’s a great spot for trekking amongst the cascading paddy fields and there’s plenty of picturesque routes to nearby local villages such as Cat Cat, Red Dhoa and Ta Phin.

The Mekong Delta

View on map
Mekong Delta | Vietnam | Southeast Asia

With lush rice paddy fields, colourful fruit orchards, enchanting villages and bustling floating markets, the Mekong Delta in south-east Vietnam is one of the world’s greatest river regions. A great way to get around and immerse yourself in the traditional local way of life in the Mekong is aboard a sampan, when you can try your hand at bartering at the floating market in Can Thou.

Vietnam Travel Guide

Being properly prepared for a trip can make your time away far more enjoyable and we're here to help with a short guide to travelling in Vietnam.

Top Travel Tips

Our guide to travelling Vietnam from food to festivals

Hill tribes people walking through the rice terraces of northern Vietnam

Hill Tribe Trekking

Where best to visit and a guide to the different ethnic groups

Best Time to Visit

Info on Vietnam's diverse climate

Rowing on the Mekong | Vietnam | Southeast Asia

Best Places to Visit

From Halong bay to Hanoi and the best of the rest

Lady in Hoi An | Vietnam | Southeast Asia

Popular touring destinations

Great places to combine on a visit to Vietnam

Tourist Visas

What you need to do to get your Vietnam travel visa

Tai Chi | Halong Bay | Vietnam

Traveller Reviews

Don't take our word for it! Read what our travellers say

A beautiful rush green river delta in Southeast Asia

Multi-country Tours

Combine Vietnam with other Southeast Asian countries

Hoi An | Vietnam | Southeast Asia

Vietnam Video Lounge

Browse our favourite Vietnam travel videos

Get to know Vietnam

Recommended Reading

  • Vietnam: Rising Dragon
    by Bill Hayton
  • Catfish and Mandala
    by Andrew Pham
  • Sorrow of War
    by Bao Ninh
Did you know...?

Facts about Vietnam

  • The most common mode of transportation in Vietnam is the motorbike with an estimated ten million bikes used every day.
  • Completely unique and unrelated to any other language, Vietnamese features six different tones and 29 alphabets.
  • A bit of an all-in-one, Vietnam's Tet festival sees the nation celebrate New Year, Christmas and birthdays all together!

Vietnam Travel Advice:

We keep up-to-date with the latest travel advisories to Vietnam and follow advice as set out by the British Foreign Office. Safety of our travellers is paramount and we recommend that you check the latest travel updates from the relevant advisory body in your country.

Online Travel Resources for Vietnam:

REFER TO: Rough Guides, Fodors, Frommers, Footprints, CN Traveller and World Travel Guide.

ALSO SEE: The official Vietnam Tourist Organisation site and the latest Vietnam Weather Updates from the BBC.

VIETNAM TRAVEL BLOGS: Covering different aspects of Vietnam culture from food to furniture! - Indiechine and Andy Goes To Asia.

Vietnam Entries in our #feelgoodtravel photo competition

Our winners have been announced! View the winners gallery..

Feelgood Competition Entry 'Happy'
When I travelled to Vietnam I felt

“The hill tribe kids I met along the road up to northwest of Vietnam.”

by Loi Nguyen Duc

Feelgood Competition Entry 'Worlds away from home but exhilarated'
Feelgood Competition Entry 'Great'
Feelgood Competition Entry 'Magical'
Feelgood Competition Entry 'Enchanted'
Exciting Days, Comfortable Nights OTG Signature
Exciting Days, Comfortable Nights

On The Go's Signature group tours place local interaction and authenticity at the heart of your cultural travel experience. Upping the comfort stakes, this range is a clear cut above our OTG Adventure range.

Appealing to a wide age demographic from the 20s to 60+, we maximize your days with excitement and awe and then bring you home to a comfortable 4* hotel with western amenities, air-conditioning, WiFi and, where appropriate, a swimming pool. Hotels can sometimes be of 3 or 5 star standard too, ensuring you get the best value for your holiday.

Visiting all the main attractions you’ll be accompanied throughout by our highly qualified English-speaking local guides too. Group size is typically 18 with a maximum for 28, apart from festival tours, where group sizes can be larger due to the one-off nature of these events.

Tailored To Suit You OTG Independent
Tailored To Suit You

On this range you won’t be joining other travellers, but will be on your own private itinerary. Accommodation, pace of travel and the style of trip is tailored to your individual needs. From pre-priced packages available off the shelf to fully curated tailor-made holidays, this range also includes our selection of one-night stopovers, day-tours and short breaks.

The OTG Independent range gives you all the great service aspects of our Signature range with the flexibility to create a truly unique and bespoke holiday or adventure to a variety of destinations around the world.

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