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UNESCO Listed Hoi An in central Vietnam is a historic, former merchant trading post, famed its beautifully preserved Old Town, with distinctive architecture, ancient cobbled streets and picturesque riverside location. The influence of past traders from Japan, China and Europe is evident in Hoi An, whose backstreets are lined with large, attractive merchant houses and pagodas.

Walking through the Old Town is like travelling back in time several centuries. Over 800 historical buildings have been preserved (a handful of which are accessible to the public), there are restrictions on modern development and no cars or motorbikes are allowed.

Today, Hoi An is awash with art stalls and markets, fabulous restaurants and cooking schools, not to mention streets literally lined with tailor-shops (there are said to be over 300), all catering for the town’s thriving tourist trade. Nevertheless Hoi An still manages to retain its traditional character and charm and with pedestrian streets devoid of the usual cacophony and chaos of traffic, Hoi An’s quiet and relaxed pace of life adds to its effortless appeal and this picturesque town is undoubtedly one of Vietnams finest gems. Spending time strolling through the Old Town, exploring the merchant houses and museums, relaxing on the beach or by the river and experiencing rural life in the neighbouring villages is the perfect way to relax and unwind.

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