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The best time to visit Vietnam

Opposing monsoon seasons in the north and south mean that the climate in Vietnam can be quite different from one region to the next. The good news for travellers is that this means you will always experience the best weather at some point on your holiday, whether it be in the north (Hanoi and Halong Bay), central (Hue and Hoi An) or tropical south (Saigon and the Mekong) where the temperature is always warm.

The weather chart shows the average daily minimum and maximum temperatures in Celsius and the average monthly precipitation.

Vietnam Seasons

Vietnam has a varied climate due to its geography. The south is hot year round and has two seasons (wet and dry). The wet season lasts from May to October, with brief, daily showers and the dry season from November to April is generally sunny and humid. In the north, the summer months (May to October) are hot and there is the occasional burst of heavy rain. In the winter (December to February) temperatures drop in the north and it can be damp and overcast. The coastal region of central Vietnam is blessed with long months of sunshine, although there is rainfall in November and December. At this time of year there is also typhoon activity in the central coastal region.

Vietnam Climate | Hanoi

Temp Min °C131417202326262624221815
Temp Max °C202123283233333231292622
Rainfall (mm)18283881196239323343254994320

Vietnam Climate | Saigon

Temp Min °C212223242424242423232322
Temp Max °C323334353332313131313131
Rainfall (mm)15313422133031526933526911456

Vietnam Climate | Hoi An

Temp Min °C192021232425252524232220
Temp Max °C242627303334343431282725
Rainfall (mm)102311218474299117447530221209

Vietnam Climate | Sapa

Temp Min °C781113161818181613118
Temp Max °C131418212424242423201715
Rainfall (mm)417111917837135548048032019011940
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