A tiger wading through the water in Ranthambhore National Park, India


There are very few places where this rare and enigmatic big cat can still be glimpsed in the wild, stalking through dense forest and undergrowth, a solitary predator with no natural enemies, save one. We offer the opportunity to go in search of tiger at some of the best wildlife parks in central India and Chitwan National Park in Nepal. For those taking the legendary Trans-Siberian rail journey, we also offer the chance to visit Siberian tigers in a reservation near Vladivostok.

India has 25 tiger reserves, located in national parks across the country and the highest density of tigers in the world. The elusive Royal Bengal Tiger is the national animal of India, although sadly now an endangered species, with around 1400 still in the wild. Your chances of spotting tiger, are dependent upon the size of the park and its tiger population. Bandhavgarh, Ranthambhore and Kanha National Park are prime tiger conservation areas and offer the best opportunities for a sighting.

The tigers we hope to view in their natural habitat are wild, unhabituated animals, not exhibits available on demand. As such, viewing cannot be guaranteed. The safaris take place in the early morning from sunrise and again in the afternoon until sunset. The usual method of transportation is shared jeep or Canter (a larger vehicle), though some parks may offer elephant back viewing (strictly number-controlled and not guaranteed). If you can cope with sizzling summer heat, April and May are the best months to spot tiger, when the animals come out in search of water. Keep your eyes peeled for tigers, and if you do spot one, it will only serve to enhance your Indian experience.

Travel Operators for Tigers campaign (TOFT) is a collective Global travel industry initiative, in cooperation with the charity Global Tiger Patrol, that aims to advocate and support through supply chain pressures a more responsible approach to tourism in India ’s main wildlife reserves. It also aims to catalyse collective support for specific conservation programmes which benefit local communities and habitat preservation and restoration.

On the go are members of TOFT. This means that we have agreed to adhere to TOFT’s Operational guidelines and to the Travellers' Codes of Conduct for our visitors. We are happy to pledge a USD$20 contribution to TOFT for each of our clients that choose to travel on a wildlife tour to India with us. For more information regarding TOFT visit www.toftiger.org.

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