This is Moscow


For those of you who’ve travelled to Moscow before, you’ll appreciate that it is not the easiest city in the world to describe – well at least not in a few words. A city of juxtapositions, a city where old and modern seamlessly blend into one and where you can expect the unexpected every corner, there really is no easy way around it. This week’s video pick is a wonderful example how brilliant traditional architecture contrasts with glimmering skyscrapers, how wide avenues blurred with light juxtapose with historic monuments and how pops of colour stand out against the erstwhile Soviet landscape. This is just a glimpse of Moscow, and its only the beginning.

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Why you need to pack your bag and go to Borneo

  This week’s photo showcase tempts you to the sandy shores of Borneo with a compilation of images that will make you want to pack your bags and jump on the next plane – well at least that’s the effect … Continue reading

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A journey into the Sahara

  Ever wonder what it would be like to spend a night in the Sahara, under a star-lit sky and surrounded by nothing but rolling dunes? Our own Ann Amies had the chance to do just that a couple weeks … Continue reading

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Jordan from the air

  This week’s video pick comes from the visionary travel film makers of Matador Network – an independent media site with thriving travel community and one of the fasted growing travel lifestyle brands on the web. Using the latest photography, drone, and video … Continue reading

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10 interesting facts about the Galapagos Islands

  Every year the Galapagos Islands tempt throngs of visitors to its shores in search of the unique wildlife and otherworldly landscapes that captured the intrigue and imagination of Darwin himself – but how much do you really know about … Continue reading

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