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Back in the USSR

Growing up I had only ever heard about Russia as the USSR and lets be honest there wasn’t much good to hear about for quite a while so when I was told a few years ago I had to go for a 9 day tour I was less than enthusiastic. I begrudgingly boarded the flight to St Petersburg with my rough Guide and Go guide in hand and settled in for the 2 and a half hour flight.

By the time I landed I was starting to get the impression that I knew nothing of this land from her people and history to the landscapes themselves.
I was picked up at the airport by Jenia, my guide for the next 9 days. I quickly warmed to her because of her charm and huge smile. I was also infected by her passion and genuine love for country and culture. Over the next 9 days I learnt so much about Russian history that I realized I needed to know more, I have now been back 3 times and will go again at the drop of a hat!

By Danniell Saunders

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