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Ramadan Kareem!

As Ramadan comes to an end for another year the Egypt celebrates with a 3 day holiday of feasting and visiting family and friends. The streets are filled with good cheer and Ramadan candles shine brightly through the windows of every home. The wealthy give sizable gifts to the poor and even the poorest still find a little spare change to the give to the excitable children on the street. A brand new bank note is the best gift, for Ramadan everything must be shiny and new. So you find yourself making a beeline for the bank to cash in $10 to receive a wad of freshly minted notes and a handful of gold rimmed silver coins.

After 3 days of constantly being fed in the homes of your friends and family, our stomachs are full, our spirits are cheery and we look forward to the year ahead.

By Simone Wilkins

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