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Luxury tented accommodation in Africa

Luxury tented accommodation in Africa

One of the joys of staying in one of the many permanent tented camps in Africa is hearing the wilderness at night, whether it is the rush of rain or river, or the rustle of animals as they wander past your tent. Whether it’s the hippos that have left the river in search of food or the roar of lions as they visit the waterholes, you certainly know you’re in Africa!

Watching the sheet lightning crash down towards the river was the start of a night of heavy downpours. And despite what you may think, lying in a tent and hearing the rain pouring down is actually quite therapeutic. The sound of rain, combined with the ever-loudening rush of the nearby river made up for not seeing the usual display of brilliantly bright stars in the night sky.

A tented camp in Africa

A tented camp in Africa

Once inside, you’d be forgiven for forgetting that you’re in a tent at all – en-suite bathrooms, 4 poster beds, private outdoor showers and baths with a view over the plains make it quite different from the average camping trip. Some of the tents are the height of absolute luxury. With sometimes only 8-10 tents in a camp, the smaller lodges are an exclusive hideaway in the African bush. And with 3-4 course lunches and 4-6 course dinners, you’ll certainly never go hungry! Luxury tented accommodation allows one to experience the thrill of being in the great outdoors while taking advantage of some delightful creature comforts. There’s nothing to beat the sound of the African wilderness at night: alive, mysterious… and right outside your door!

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