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Wadi Rum – the most stunning desert landscape on earth!

Our permanent tented camp in Wadi Rum

Described by Lawrence of Arabia as “vast and echoing”, Wadi Rum is an outstanding desert landscape. Having tasted the Sahara, the Sinai, the Nevada, the Gobi, the Great Sand Sea, the Kalahari, the Simpson and the Thar my annual pilgrimage to Wadi Rum as part of my Totally Jordan tour never fails to re-ignite my love for this great outdoor space.

Sheer-sided mountains of sandstone and granite emerge from burnt orange sands to reach heights of over 1700 meters above sea level. With golden sunrises and dusky red sunsets the inhabitants of the protected park are on the move. We watch for Nubian ibex, striped hyena, Syrian wolf and small mammals foraging for a meal. After our jeep safari, impromptu camel ride and some novice climbing we chat by the fire before retiring to our permanent tented camp, candle-lit and kitted out with proper beds, cotton sheets and a comfy pillow. It’s the ultimate desert experience!

– Simone Wilkins

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