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Back to basics with the Berbers: the migration of the Berbers in Morocco

Ditch the iPhone, the laptop and all those other technological crutches of yours, and get back to nature. Getting a glimpse of how different societies operate can be challenging, but it’s exhilarating to let go of your creature comforts. Migrating with the Berbers of Morocco through the Atlas Mountains is one such experience.

The Berber communities of Morocco are a nomadic people, who twice annually make the trek between the Dades Valley and the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco with their herds of goats and sheep. During the summer months, they trek into the mountains to escape the heat, and during the winter they descend to escape the freezing temperatures of the mountains. It’s probably one of the few opportunities we have in this modern world to experience a life that runs according to nature’s timing.

Trekking between four and five hours a day, camping each night in rustic Berber tents, taking in the rugged untouched surroundings and eating traditional Moroccan food, one really gets a chance to experience what life is like as a pastoral nomadic herder. There’s certainly no chance of a microwave dinner out here!

Trekking requires a certain amount of physical exertion, certainly quite different to some of the more relaxing holiday options out there. Trekking with the Berbers is about ‘taking a walk on the wild side’, seeing life from a new perspective and experiencing something different to your average holiday. And that could be quite relaxing in itself, or at least refreshing.

Trekking with the Berbers is a real chance to head for the hills (quite literally). If you’re interested in trekking with the Berbers, their next migration departs on the 19th of September 2011. To find out more about these extraordinary journeys and how you could take part, click here.

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