The Harbin Ice Festival, China

Despite London’s last-ditch attempt at summer earlier on this week, winter is most definitely on its way in the Northern Hemisphere. But that’s OK! When things get chilly up in China, they celebrate by making some of the most amazing ice sculptures we’ve ever seen. The Harbin Ice Festival is a real feast for the senses and promises to be a load of fun. The festival has been going since 1963, and now features international teams that work around the clock to amaze the crowds that flock to see the show. Previous years have seen icy versions of The Great Wall, The Emperor’s Summer Palace and other famous Chinese landmarks. It’s the perfect time to get outdoors and see some amazing sights in a winter wonderland.

If you’d like more information on how you can enjoy the Harbin Ice Festival, take a look at our website.

Harbin Ice & Snow Festival from Tom Suharto on Vimeo. many thanks to Tom who allowed us to use his video. Check out his site here.

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