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Camping overnight in Wadi Rum

Travel blogger Adam Groffman travelled with us to Jordan late last year – here he looks back on an unforgettable night spent in the wide open spaces of Wadi Rum, Jordan. For more of Adam’s work, take a look at his blog Travels of Adam.

Wadi Rum, Jordan

The absolute highlight of my Christmas in Petra trip (yes, I liked this even more than Petra), was camping overnight in Wadi Rum.

Sunset in Wadi Rum, Jordan

Wadi Rum is a desert valley in southern Jordan. You’ve probably heard of it because of the classic film, Lawrence of Arabia, which was famously filmed here. The desert has also been used as a backdrop in several contemporary films, such as Transformers and Red Planet (both clearly not as good as Lawrence of Arabia).

Wadi Rum, populated by hundreds of Bedouins, is a popular place to visit and there’s a surprising amount of things to see and do in the desert. From adventure activities like rock-climbing and horse-riding to more leisurely activities (my preference) such as star-gazing and watching the sunset.

The colors of Wadi Rum are truly spectacular and catching the sunset on the rock formations in the desert was the most memorable part of my trip. In the nighttime, the sky is so dark, it’s almost easy to spot falling stars. Our tour guide took us for a nighttime hike through the desert from our campsite (with a GPS navigation which was absolutely necessary). At night, the serenity of the desert was almost palpable.

Wadi Rum is without a doubt the most amazing scenery I’ve seen in a long time. Just check out the photos and see for yourself.


Take a look at Adam’s Flickr photostream here, featuring photos of Wadi Rum and beyond. For more information on Jordan, please click the logo:








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