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The Wild Tiger Challenge: Promote the cause!

We’ve teamed up with online conservation initiative Tiger Nation for the launch of the ‘Wild Tiger Challenge’ a custom-built app on Facebook which raises the profile of India’s tigers and tiger conservation in India. Read on to find out more!

Wakeeta - one of the tigers in our Wild Tiger Challenge.

Wakeeta – one of the tigers in our Wild Tiger Challenge.

What is Tiger Nation?

Tiger Nation uses ID technology, reports from rangers and visitors, video content, photographs and blogs to supply updates from specific tigers in the wild, allowing users to follow individual tigers live in their natural habitats. With the Wild Tiger Challenge, we’re giving people unique insight into conservation in India and the lives of these incredible animals.

Machali - one of the tigers in our Wild Tiger Challenge

Machali – one of the tigers in our Wild Tiger Challenge

The Wild Tiger Challenge

After selecting a tiger based on their unique backstory, ‘Wild Tiger Challenge’ users on Facebook then spread the word to their friends, who can place a paw on the profile to show their support. Each paw counts as an entry to a lucky draw to win a 15-day Ranthambore to Kanha tour, where two lucky people will have the chance to visit some of India’s premier game parks and track real tigers too – perhaps even meeting their chosen tiger in the flesh.

Tiger Nation’s creator Julian Matthews: “Tiger Nation is a ground-breaking project. It’s never been done before, an open platform for what we are calling ‘people-powered’ conservation, of the world’s best loved wild animal. It’s mighty challenging, but it’s truly exciting.  The more people who join us, the faster we can grow and work to help double or triple the number of tigers in the wild.”

Satra - one of the tigers in our Wild Tiger Challenge

Satra – one of the tigers in our Wild Tiger Challenge

The Prize

We’re aiming to take the work done by Tiger Nation and extend it even further, bringing in fresh faces and showing people how easy and rewarding it can be to promote tiger conservation. Along with the main prize of the 15-day tour, there are also daily tiger/wildlife related prizes to be won throughout the life of the 6-week competition including signed copies of Greenpeace Award Winning conservationist Stanley Johnson’s latest book “Where the Wild Things Were” and his beautifully illustrated coffee table book “Survival, Saving Endangered Migratory Species”; both books kindly donated by Stacey International.

We’ve launched the Wild Tiger Challenge our Facebook page today, and it will run for 6 weeks, with the winner announced on or before the 11th of March 2013. Good luck everyone!

All pictures in this post and in Wil Tiger Challenge are taken by Tiger Nation’s contributors. Thanks to the photographers, including Aditya Singh, Yadvendra Singh, Satyenda and Kay Tiwari, Hemraj Meena, Balendu Singh, Salim Ali and Divya Khandal. All copyright remains with the photographers. 

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  1. Lisa Sullivan says:

    I love the challenge but am unable to use a smart phone to add paws and tell my friends. Any ideas? Am I doing something wrong?

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