Our very own Golden Ticket

Who’s hungry?

In the On The Go office, there’s a saying. “Don’t let your fingers get too near the bloggers’ mouths.” We’re always starving.

Our latest competition really hasn’t made matters any better. It’s a co-promotion with Unearthed Foods, a range of delicious delicatessen treats: meats, antipasti, seafood and snacks selected from the best of European cuisine. Just writing about it is turning us into slavering monsters.

As if the food wasn’t tempting enough already, we’ve teamed up with Unearthed to offer shoppers the chance to win a dream adventure holiday to Egypt, Jordan, India, China or Turkey, including flights and accommodation.

To enter the competition, you need to head to a local Waitrose and pick up a product from Unearthed’s selection of meats and seafood. Or you can order them online at Ocado or Abel and Co. – but look out for the On The Go Sticker. On the reverse of the sticker is a web address that takes you to this exclusive competition. Inside the packet… is a handful of first rate European produce that would last about thirty seconds in our office.

Unearthed Deli Meat Selection

Unearthed Deli Meat Selection

What are you waiting for? There hasn’t been a better excuse for over-eating since Willy Wonka gave out his golden tickets in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Happy hunting!

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One Response to Our very own Golden Ticket

  1. Susie says:

    A tasty treat and the chance to win an amazing holiday – it’s a match made in heaven.
    We’re only sorry we can’t enter the competition ourselves. The destination images are awe-inspiring and the tour itineraries sound so exciting. It’s depressing us knowing that (for now) we’ll only read and not experience them :o(
    Good luck to everyone who’s entered so far and for those who haven’t – you’ve still got time!

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