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Go on a culinary journey around the world with this week’s mouth-watering video pick. Serving up a selection of tasteful shots these talented filmmakers have captured the essence of travel through their stomachs. Travelling over 38 thousand miles through 11 countries trying everything from simple street food, to gourmet meals and quirky local delicacies our featured diner steps out of his comfort zone to experience the true flavour of each destination.

Guaranteed to get your tummy rumbling this is a must watch.

We want to hear about your culinary travel experiences – tell us about the tastiest meal you’ve had abroad, or the weirdest local speciality you’ve been brave enough to try.

Learn how to recreate your favourite foreign flavours back home with one of our unique cooking courses, from Jordanian cuisine in Petra to Indian specialities in palm-fringed Goa.

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