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Trekking in Sapa, Vietnam


Originally established as a hill station by the French in 1922, Sapa has quickly become one of northern Vietnam’s most popular tourist destinations. With gorgeous scenery of cascading rice paddies and mountains carpeted with lush vegetation, Sapa is the ideal place for a spot of trekking.

Discover the charming highland town of Sapa in northwest Vietnam and its spectacular surrounding scenery

Discover the charming highland town of Sapa in northwest Vietnam and its spectacular surrounding scenery

The charming highland town of Sapa in northwest Vietnam overlooks a magnificent landscape of plunging valleys, cascading rice terraces and towering mountains. Established as a high station by the French in 1922, today it serves as an important market town for the ethnic hill-tribe people selling colourful handicrafts and trinkets.

Trekking opportunities abound here with plenty of trails along high ridges and rivers, a perfect way to explore the area and meet its inhabitants.¬†Bordering Laos and China, the ethnic minorities of Sapa include a wide mix of cultural differences. The H’mong tribes originally migrated from China and are now one of the largest ethnic groups in Vietnam. The Black H’mong tribe are recognisable by their indigo-dyed linen clothing, while the Red Dao tribe are famous for their billowing red headdresses.

IMG_1660If you are keen to discover Sapa for yourself, why not take a look at our 14 day Sapa, Sampans and Saigon group tour where you can enjoy three days in the area visiting local hill tribe villages, enjoying gentle walks amongst the attractive scenery and stopping for lunch besides pretty waterfalls. Meet local families for an insight into their way of life and practise your bartering skills with the canny tribes-turned-traders that walk the main trails hoping to sell their handmade wares.

For those who want a more challenging experience with some serious trekking, incorporate Sapa into a private itinerary and get off the beaten track with visits to less visited villages. However you choose to visit Sapa, you’ll leave with memories of smiling faces and a camera full of incredible pictures!

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