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Video of the Week – Faces of Nepal


We are firm believers that travel is all about understanding the country you are visiting. Discovering different ways of life, religions and cultures, learning about a country‚Äôs past, visiting historic sites and experiencing everyday life. And what better way to delve beneath the tourist facade and revealing the true pulse of a destination than by getting to know the local people. This week’s video pick it set in Nepal and is a moving short film looking straight into the eyes of those living there, of all ages, genders and backgrounds, set against a peaceful backing track.

Sometimes its the simple things in travel that are the most beautiful.

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One Response to Video of the Week – Faces of Nepal

  1. Emma Mcinnes says:

    I just returned from Nepal on the Highway to Himalayas OTG tour – this wonderful video has made me smile and think of the fabulous time I just had there meeting the gorgeous Nepalese. Thanks.

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