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Clare joined the On The Go team in 2008 as Product Manager. After backpacking around the world for a year, she developed the debilitating and life changing travel bug. Symptoms of this disease include the uncontrollable urge to jump on planes (but not ones without seat back tvs!), bleeding money due to giving in to said urges, lethargy to all things UK based and severly itchy feet. In order to cope with the bug, she fell (somewhat unexpectedly) into the travel industry and has never looked back. Having travelled extensively Clare is never happy unless she is planning her next global adventure, the world is there to be discovered and discover it, she will! Of course having a job which requires her to travel a lot certainly helps! What Clare loves most about travelling is not only visiting places of incredible natural beauty but watching everyday life in countries where the culture, traditions and social norms are so far removed from our own. Travel can be exhausting in itself though and a sneaky lazy week on a beach to unwind from all the adventure, never goes amiss!

Exploring Bhaktapur

Bhaktapur is one of three royal cities in the Kathmandu Valley and it has an old world charm that cannot fail to captivate. For Clare Bailey it was a welcome relief from the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu and despite being … Continue reading

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Getting suited and booted in Hoi An

Be prepared before you head to Hoi An, the town where tailors abound. From winter coats and dapper suits, to evening dresses, skirts and boots, the tailors in Hoi An can whip up just about any item of clothing you … Continue reading

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Bike riding to Tra Que, Vietnam

  Having recently returned from Southeast Asia on our 15 day Journey to Angkor Wat tour, Clare Bailey tells us about one of the highlights of her trip – cycling through the Vietnamese countryside to Tra Que village where she … Continue reading

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Braving the Amazon Jungle

When I had the opportunity to incorporate a trip to the Amazon into my Peru trip on the Peruvian Poncho tour I thought: ‘Why the hell not? It’s a once in a lifetime experience and not everyone can say they’ve … Continue reading

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Step back in time in medieval Fes

Whilst Marrakech has deservedly soared in popularity over the last decade, attracting tourists in their droves to its colourful souk and vibrant main square, Fes has remained relatively under the radar. Entering through the ornate arched blue gate of Bab … Continue reading

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Flights of Fancy

Airline delays, cancellations due to bad weather, staff strikes, over-booked planes, increasing taxes and silly fees for everything from checking in luggage to booking your ticket – airlines certainly know how to cause us grief and get the most money … Continue reading

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Holy Cow! Embracing the chaos in India

My mum and older sister spent a month travelling around India when I was eight, and my lasting memory is of meeting them at the airport and them being covered in mosquito bites from head to toe. Whilst they relayed … Continue reading

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Hanging out in Cuzco

I absolutely loved this city, and I could easily have spent more time there. The architecture is lovely, with a definite European, colonial feel. If you feel like shopping, you’re in for a treat, with lots of lovely jewellery, handcrafts … Continue reading

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Choosing footwear for the Lares Trek in Peru

Before I embarked upon my Peru adventure with On The Go Tours I was racked with indecision about what footwear is suitable for the Lares Trek. After reading every blog I could find and now having completed the Lares Trek, … Continue reading

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The Inca Trail vs. The Lares Trek: Peru’s Hidden Gem

Inca Trail permits are limited to 500 per day, including porters etc, so you really need to book your Peru trip at least 6 months in advance to secure a place. If you can’t get on, don’t despair! I’ve just … Continue reading

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